You Know It's Love When...


Things that might have irritated you with other people suddenly are tolerable. Have you ever found yourself becoming more accepting, even adventurous with experimenting how the other half lives when you feel more for the person? These are just some fun things I’ve observed that are little indicators that you found someone to help you look past the petty things you once thought you’d never get over.

You Know It's Love When....

They keep the roll of toilet paper on the “wrong way” – whichever way that is to you, might be “wrong” to the other person. But you find a way to accept it because it just doesn’t matter compared to how you feel about them.

You Know It's Love When...

You accept The Wet Bathmat! They step on the bathmat with sopping wet feet, leaving you with a mushy wet bathmat to step on afterward. You hated your ex doing this, but for some reason now, it’s different because their wet footprints were just where yours are and you love it.

You Know It's Love When...

You don't get angry about the hair in the sink or shower. If they shave or shed, you used to be grossed out by this, but now it’s just what it is and you wipe it out and carry on with life. You know the hair belongs to your love and it’s not so gross anymore. This goes for the gobs of toothpaste left in the sink too.

You Know It's Love When...

You don’t mind the weird pizza toppings. You used to abhor the idea of even halving a pizza with what someone else liked, but now your partner likes something different and you just don’t mind. You might even be inclined to have a slice yourself, stepping out of your pizza comfort-zone.

You Know It's Love When...

They used the last of the milk…or whatever liquid is contained that you can’t tell is empty until you go grab it. Normally you might have been peeved that someone didn’t tell you that you were running low. Now, no biggie – just take a trip to the store together for a late night milk run.

You Know It's Love When...

You don’t care about the music being played in the car or house. It pained you to learn that your partner enjoys music you hate. But now you don’t mind them listening to it while you’re around and you might even find yourself unwittingly bopping your head along with some of their tunes.

You Know It's Love When...

You find yourself liking cats…or any animal you might have hated before. Your partner is a pet owner of something you disliked before but you make an exception with their animal, citing something like, “I hate cats…but…I like your cat.”

You Know It's Love When...
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  • MysteriousFlower
    Apparently I am the irritation lol. I can be very tolerant when I find a real relationship. I like this take, well done.
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  • gray_sailor
    As an owner of multiple cats I can tell you this: The 'over the top' toilet paper orientation WILL result in frequent puddles of unwound toilet paper all over the floor.

    Otherwise, good take.😸🚽🛁🍕🍶
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    • Ozanne

      I do remember this when I had my cat. Yes. That was indeed a problem.

    • Isn't that the best part of cat ownership? XD

    • @jaredletoisbae

      Not if you're the one buying the toilet paper, it's not.

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  • Jager66
    Mine looks something like this, was weird at first but now I love it and will never go back.
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    • Ozanne

      BUT.. do you pull the toilet paper clockwise or counter-clockwise? :/

    • Jager66

      Neither. I pick it up, with my non wiping hand, take what I need then place it back on the holster.

  • PrinceRomeo
    This is very true, but me I see the toilet paper coming from behind so it's harder to reach and I'm like, "okay I don't like this, this is such a drag but I'll leave it as is" even though the other way is easier to reach for because it's in front.
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    • Ozanne

      This is interesting. Usually the guys I've known, whether it's friends or exes, will throw the roll on with the toilet paper coming from the back. It's usually women who have the toilet paper on the front. I guess not. :/

  • Klaatu51
    pretty good take and nice photos... although i don't read those kind of takes often... but toilet paper pic brought me here :p
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  • VonHoffer
  • normalice
    yeah, i went there...
  • oddwaffle
    1/ i'dd install a 2nd roll
    2/I'd use a towel and clean it up after a day. I always use 1 towel per shower anyways and it keeps the place clean.
    3/ Agree
    4/I'd try out the food unless it's exceedingly bad then I would do the cooking and have more dinner dates with her.
    5/I would get a bigger fridge and stock up then clean it once in a while.
    6/hmm... I gonna have to give her some seriously good headphones. Or myself.
    7/OK but I would use the cat or whatever pet she has as a hostage and bargaining chip everyonce in a while... Probably over where to dine out.
    • fulloflife

      Comprising is a key to any relationship. otherwise many more conflicts will arise than usual

  • LovelyyLaura
    I like this a lot! 😀👍
  • YourFutureEx
    I smiled a lot reading this 😶
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  • chocolateismylover
    Awww. That was cute ^