If You Want to Cheat, Set Them Free!

I like forgiving but I also consider what that person did before forgiving. And cheating is one of those things that I will never forgive. It doesn't matter what kind of excuse that person makes up, I won't forgive it nor forget.

If you love someone don't cheat, If you want to cheat, set them free.

The most popular excuse, "I was drunk"

If You Want to Cheat Set Them Free!

I know not everybody is the same when they drink. But I don't understand these people who say they were drunk. You may not remember what you did because you were drunk but you were totally knew what you were doing at that time.

I remember drinking too much as I couldn't even see clear. It was hard to walk and speak. When someone look from outside they could clearly see that I was really drunk. But I knew what I was talking about, I knew what I was doing. My brain was awake enough not to let my guy friend in while I was peeing when he came to control me. I was awake enough to cover my down side when I fell not to let others see my pant. So I was physically drunk but my brain was awake. It knew what I should do and what I shouldn't do.

If You Want to Cheat, Set Them Free!

Okay, I accept that not very people are like me. I guess I am a bit different. It doesn't matter how drunk I am I remember everything clearlly and even my body functions don't work my brain works pretty well. But I still don't understand those who sleep with others and say they were drunk. Even you were drunk, that was what you wanted? Nobody pushed you for it. You did it by choice.

I think the ones who really love their partner won't do such thing. Even when others offer they will know to say no. They simply won't want it.

So, don't make excuses, especially don't say you did it because you were too drunk. If you want to taste others, set yours free. You can do whatever you want...


Most Helpful Guy

  • love how you focused on the inebriated reason. but apparently you are one of those "surface" thinkers when it comes to deep thinking.
    Im going to say this again...
    "Cheating doesn't happen in the physical act, cheating happens BEFORE the physical act, and is almost Always instigated by the "victim"... the moron saying they were cheated on"...
    because cheating is avoidable. always has been... always will be.
    setting people free from "cheating"... stupid idea


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