The World Was So Big To Come Across Yet We Did

You brought love to my life. You brought pleasure and anything that I wished till now. It felt like heaven at first. I couldn't resist you and let the things slide. I didn't realize how much I was falling for you day by day.

The World Was So Big To Come Across Yet We Did

And again, without me knowing, you disappeared. You didn't say anything. If you had, maybe it wouldn't hurt that much now. I wish you had told me the reason... You just left and leave me all alone with my memories. But even you left me, you were still appearing in my dreams. Was it possible to forget someone when you see that person every night? I was seeing you everywhere I look. You were in my heart, in my mind, in every bit of me! Everything was reminding me of you. It was so hard to forget when things were like that.

They say world is so big but one day, you passed by me. Without saying a word. Without looking in my eyes that once you used to tell how pretty they are. But you know what? I felt... I felt your heartbeat. I could hear it. And it hurt more after hearing it again. Will I hear it in my dreams too?


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  • Maybe something different will be there in your dreams.


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