You Are You're Own Worst Enemy!

You Are You're Own Worst Enemy!

After a breakup, just like most people- I find it hard to move on for a while, and it seems that I cannot function normally. When taking a step back however, I find that I am the one to blame. It is my mood, feelings and emotions that are allowing me to waste my time and energy on feeling bad and crying. I don't let myself move on, and hence in essence I am my own worst enemy. So here are a few method to help those who wish to move on:

You Are You're Own Worst Enemy!

1. Understand the situation

Some people can make decisions without really understanding the ideas and reasoning behind it. I find that when I actually analyze and understand why things are the way they are, I am more likely to come to a rational conclusion and stick to it. Just like when I do a math equation; I can memorize the formula and use it... but if the math problem changes and I don't understand how to use the formula or alter it to solve the problem, the formula is no good to me. If I understand how the formula works, and what I need to plug in it, in order to get the right answer- I will be content. Once a relationship ends I like to really take a look and realize what worked and what didn't and why. Once I learn why I can't go back, it helps me move forward.

You Are You're Own Worst Enemy!

2. Even if you're sad, go out

You can mope around and cry, and eat ice cream and just pray things get better- or you can put yourself out there. Even if you're not in the mood- get dressed, and socialize. It may distract you for a few hours, and it won't resolve your sadness, but is better than terrorizing yourself and being so sad that calling the ex will seem like the best option.

You Are You're Own Worst Enemy!

3. Go on a date

When a relationship ends, it may take a big dump on your self esteem. Have you forgotten what it feels like to be treated like a woman/man? Do you not feel attractive in the eyes of others? Go on a date and remind yourself that you're worth it.

You Are You're Own Worst Enemy!

4. They're an ex for a reason

To keep dating someone and going back to them knowing that they won't change, and that the same issues will be problematic, is just a waste of time! They are an ex and should stay in your past so that you can have a bright future.

You Are You're Own Worst Enemy!

5. What do you deserve?

Give yourself more credit than being sad over a guy/girl that broke your heart. You are worth respecting, loving, and forgetting that would do you an injustice. If you aren't getting treated like the special diamond that you are- do not settle.

You Are You're Own Worst Enemy!
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