5 Ways to Winning Back Your Ex Girlfriend's Heart

Most of the time, getting your ex girlfriend back is easier than it seems right after the breakup. The reason a lot of us mess it up is because we react on raw emotion and what was just a natural, temporary time out becomes permanent.

Don’t become a drama queen!

It doesn’t take a sociologist to see that in general, women are pretty comfortable with displays of emotion, whereas most guys just don’t know how to handle them. When confronted with crying, the only thing a lot of girls want to do is run the other direction. Hardly the reaction you want.

Don’t make it obvious!

While you were single, you were probably a pretty confident guy who wasn’t overly concerned with what any particular girl thought, right? That’s exactly what your ex fell for.

But after a break up, you started to mope and bring your problems to everyone around you. By doing this, it makes it look like you’re so desperate to get him her that you’re willing to change your whole personality. Advertising your desperation is just as bad as sitting home crying.

Don’t bug his friends!

If your ex isn’t answering your phone calls or emails, the next obvious way to contact him is through her friends. All in all, this isn’t a bad idea because her close friends do have a lot of power to sway his opinion about you. What is a bad idea is calling regularly calling every friend you know and begging them to ask your ex to contact you.

Instead, pick one or two of her friends and ask if they’d be willing to let your girl know that you’re sorry about how things turned out, but that you still care about her and miss her. Leave it at that. If he wants to contact you, he will.

Don’t play detective!

No matter how much you want to know how she’s getting along without you, restrain your desire to spy on her. While you can’t go to wrong asking a friend of his to convey a message from you, don’t then go on to ask if your ex is still single, what she does on the weekend, or even how she’s feeling. It’s not only impolite; it’s also really annoying.

Don’t ignore the “culture gap”!

Sure, men and women aren’t really from different planets, but we do tend to look at relationships and emotions differently from the way girls do. If you want to get through to your woman, respect those differences and put some effort into learning how females think about romantic matters.

About the Author:

3amHunter is a professional relationship coach from Los Angeles, California and unlike most relationship coaches out there, specializes on one niche. And that is how to get back together with an ex girlfriend. For more information click on the following link: Secrets To Win Back Your Girlfriend.


Most Helpful Girl

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Eh, most of this doesn't really have much to do with "getting her back" as much as it has to do with "dealing with the breakup". Still good advice, but some people may be mislead by the title.

    Plus, if a girl isn't OK with you showing your emotions, run away. Repressing your emotions is medically PROVEN to be bad, bad, bad for your health.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I think you missed a big one-

    Address the issue of WHY she broke up with you in the first place. A guy could do all of those things but like Diabloknk said this is how to handle a break up- not how to win her back. To win her back you need to fix whatever it was you did wrong and prove to her it's fixed. Talk to her, be mature and responsible.

    And somethings just can't be fixed, plain and simple. So you also need to know when you can and can't try to get her back.

  • I disagree because sometimes it's impossible to get him/her back if serious problems happened. It's not a game either.

  • Step 1 - Know and UNDERSTAND the exact reason she broke up with you. Step 2 - Accept the fact that you REALLY don't know a thing about girls at all...based on this article.


What Guys Said 2

  • This isn't so much about "getting your ex back" as it is "how to handle being dumped," which is fine for an article, just a misleading title. However, there's really nothing new here, so a pretty boring article overall.

  • hmmmh>>>>>...


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