Pros And Cons of Getting Back With Your Ex

What would you do to get back with your ex? Are they even worth it? Here’s your case, the defense, and of course, my verdicts.

1) Release your emotions before even attempting to get her back!

Before you do anything stupid like texting her all the nice things you did when you were still dating... 20 times a day, release all your negative ions.

Go out with your best friends. Have good, clean, aggressive fun! Sports is one of the best ways.

Just release first and then you can think clearly (like why you were such an a**hole to let her go in the first place).

*Verdict: Pro!
"Relationships are driven by emotions, feelings, passions. Relationships are never driven by logic."
2) Convincing your ex to reunite with you through reasoning.

One of the worst ways to try to get a person back is through debating that they are better off with you than without you. It never works! It may have worked a few times but trust me, relationships are never driven by logic.

Relationships are driven by emotions, feelings, passions. Your mate needs to feel loved and wanted.

*Verdict: Con

3) Court her again

Think about the day you first met. And then try to recall what you did that made her fall for you in the first place. Now do that for her all over again, with some slight variations, of course.

She will reminisce about those feelings when you first started dating, and how it developed.Good move!

*Verdict: Absolutely a Pro

4) Throwing the whole kitchen sink at her. (uhm, I mean flowers, chocolates, presents)

"Can't buy me love, Can't buy me love" - If this is what you were thinking when you saw the title, you probably misunderstood the song.
Gifts can't make someone fall in love (or even make them want to go out dating with you). Though, they are very useful for saying "Thank you!" or "I appreciate you!"

Warning: If your partner says that they do fall in love when you give them material things, you better rethink the relationship.

It can actually blow up in your face. She might get the impression that you think of her as some kind of a "pet" or "trophy." Bad move!

*Verdict: Definitely a Con

5) Being patient

This is the tricky part. It's knowing WHEN to start trying to get her back. You can't really pounce too soon because you might come out needy and then she'll be holding all the cards. Bad for the relationship.

On the other hand, not good to wait too long. Guys are ready to take over your spot in the rotation if they sense you're slacking off.

If you've been dating for a while, and have really been in love, you will know when the perfect time is.

*Verdict: Pro AND Con

Final Verdict: If you love her that much, then go for it. If you don't want her back, well, let's just say you have better things to do than read this article.

Oops, too late!

About the writer: Matt Fuller works as an online dating consultant in Australia. HookMeUp .


Most Helpful Girl

  • i agree with kass1964 but I did go back with my ex..we talked about all the things that went wrong the first and we seemed to strike a balance..and understanding.for a while it was good..and all the things that caused the breakup came back to the surface once we ended it ones fault just 2 different type of people.and as opposites we did not kass is so right you broke up for a reason and that will never least it didn't change for me


Most Helpful Guy

  • While deal with ex, keep in mind as below :

    1. To give up his or her, was accident.

    2. If you control your emotions and meet for 2-3 min. Forgetting all happened while you both gave up each other is important for recover that relationship.

    3. Just Introduce your partner positive changes, in polite manner and complete your talk in short time.

    This is best way how to meet your ex.complete your talk in short time.

    This is best way how to meet your ex.


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  • Great article, I agree/disagree. Usually trying to get someone back creates an on again off again relationship and those are never fun. Best to find someone who hasn't broken your heart already. :p

  • Never get back with your ex. You left them for a reason or they left you for a reason.


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