7 Things I Want to Tell My Ex Girlfriend

7 Things I Want to Tell My Ex Girlfriend

For those of you who don't know me... Hi. I'm PinkPandaBear180... or simply "Mr. Bear". Recently, I just got out of a relationship which lasted 7 months. She was my world. I am just now moving on but I have some things that I wish I could tell her, so take this as a letter to my Ex-girlfriend.

Dear Ex...

1. You're Worth a Guy's Time

7 Things I Want to Tell My Ex Girlfriend

You may be a bit insecure, but we all are. You're pretty. You're funny. You have a good personality. You definitely deserve a good guy.

2. You're a Daddy's Girl.

I believe one of the main reasons our relationship ended is because you compared me to your father too much. You also expected me to be exactly like him and believe the same way as he did. These expectations were foolish as no guy will ever live up to your father in your mind.

3. You need to let go.

7 Things I Want to Tell My Ex Girlfriend

I'm an idiot. I admit it. I say things that are wrong and hurtful, but I don't even mean to. But you need to learn to let go of the dumb things people say. You need to learn to forgive.

4. You need to Trust People.

When I first met you, you were the shyest person I've ever seen. You were quiet, which isn't necessarily a bad thing! When we first started "talking", I had to work hard to get you to trust me. I understand that people should definitely have to work for your trust, but you took it to an extreme.

5. A relationship is not just about you.

You need to understand that every relationship needs to be give/take if it's going to work. One person cannot just take all the time and vise versa. I found myself giving way more than I was getting and at first it was fine but eventually it exhausted me.

6. Don't be afraid to say what you're thinking.

Many times I had to guess what you were thinking about an argument or just a decision because you simply were too shy to tell me. I WANTED your opinion. I valued it and I know your next boyfriend will too. Just trust that your opinion is worth hearing, and BE OPEN and upfront about it.

7. I genuinely don't hate you.

Life. It is what it is. I'm working on completely moving on from our relationship. I bid you the best in life and I really hope you find happiness. If you forgave me for the times I said dumb things, maybe we could've been friends.



Unfortunately, she'll never see this letter, but just writing it gives me a sense of closure. Thanks for reading!

7 Things I Want to Tell My Ex Girlfriend
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  • thatguyfromtoronto
    Dude, I respect what you wrote, you were very precise and thorough with how you felt. I think girls and women feel (most girls) feel they are entitled to more in a relationship because the guy should adore the ground they walk on because she agreed to be with a guy.

    I completely agree with the comment about it's not just about you, I have dealt with plenty of girls like that and it annoys me. I am a stage in my life where I just want to focus on me with school, financial related and my health. Now when I say that to girls whether its on here, chat rooms, via text/email or in-person, girls will assume I'm bitter, how is that even possible? lmao.

    See that is what I am talking about, if a guy wants to focus on himself and his life apparently he's a dick or bitter but if a girl or woman does it, it's girl power or female empowerment, I don't get society man.

    I would rather just walk away, move on and not care anymore about things that add stress into my life, girls have to understand that if they don't change their ways, guys and men will eventually grow tired of that behavior and want to break up or divorce.
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    • Yeah you're right! That was one of the main things that drove our relationship off the edge. It definitely has no place in any relationship.

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  • "1. You're Worth a Guy's Time"

    Is that so? Then why did you break up with her?

    "5. A relationship is not just about you."

    Nope, nope, nope! Abort mission! She isn't worth anyone's time with that attitude alone.
    She's an ex for good and she doesn't deserve a relationship with a good guy by that attitude.
    • I broke up with her for a few different reasons. I think despite number 5, she still is worth a guy's time, she just needs to learn from our failed relationship.

    • Unit1

      I have 0 tolerance and respect for girls with the its-all-about-me mentality. No exceptions.

    • I can definitely understand how it's annoying. It is definitely a relationship breaker.

  • CubsterShura
    This is so sweet. My ex and I also dated for 7 months. I really thought it was my fault, I should have done this and that and listened to him when he told me to block my guy friends. But recently I found out he used to flirt with other girls while dating me and I also found some screenshots of him doing that. How can I not hate him from now?
    • Wow I'm sorry to hear that. That's a tough situation. :/

    • Yeah. I really had no hate for him until then. Now he's the definition of asshole in my dictionary.

    • yeah you're probably right... I'm sure he didn't mean to but if he's flirting now he'll probably cheat later.

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  • Browneye57
    You're wasting your breath. At this point she thinks you're an asshole.

    1. She's only worth what you percieve her to be worth. Nothing more. She's a regular person, just like you. NEVER put a woman on a pedestal - they will completely lose all respect for you, they will see you as spineless and weak, and they will think they have complete control over you. Always remember, YOU ARE THE PRIZE!
    2. They're all 'daddy's girls'. If you're going to be successful with a woman you have to be strong and manly like her dad was. If you're weak and supplicating none of them will respect. Lack of respect turns into loathing.
    3. And girls wonder why guys are more open. No, never pass up the opportunity to simply STFU. NEVER tell a woman everything on your mind, and NEVER let them see you as weak. Sure, they'll tell you that's what they want, but if you do they will quickly lose respect for you. A woman will not hang around for a guy that is down on his luck - they just bail. Because they 'deserve to be happy'.
    4. They're all like this. They've been told since they could talk that boys were bad, men are bad, evil, and out to fuck with them. Get over it - ya ain't gonna fix this. That's why you HAVE to be the leader.
    5. Google this term: solipsism
    A woman's work revolves around... HER! Women are ONLY concerned about how things will affect THEM. They are very much like children in this way, and you have to treat them just like they are children. They have to see how it's going to work out for THEM. They do not believe anything they cannot see and understand for THEMSELVES.
    6. This is a feature, not a bug. Women are masters at nuance, at covert communication. Men are overt communicators. EVERYTHING they say has a hidden meaning, an agenda.
    7. Once you understand how women's minds work there is no hate. You just expect it cuz they'll prove to you the truth EVERY TIME. It's just how they operate. Men love women for what they are - just don't be confused about what they REALLY are. If you're not in charge of YOUR life and YOUR relationships then you'll be walked all over, you'll be the door mat. They HATE leading, but will if you let them or make them. Just don't be that guy.
    • Browneye57

      *...3... wonder why guys are NOT more open...
      **...5. A woman's WORLD...

    • well if all of what you said is true then I for sure have a lot to learn. lol Thanks for the response and I'll really try to learn from what you said!

  • loveArt1983
    I don't friends make it linger on the crazy life style I think many believe ex girlfriends an boyfriends should be released out that cage and never return latch the door they might return change the key to your home. If you miss her, it be good idea to find new girl to love so you can't put idol or altar in her name that would be really scary.
  • GoodtimeGuy
    I have had many break ups with several year long relationships. Yes, I will stay there are so many hurtful feelings that arise and let to negative actions, but when I look back. I will say, I do love everyone of my ex's. They were apart of my life, so why hate. I feel very at peace, when I think of this.
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    1. I forgot your name
    2. Best of luck :)
    That's seriously how long it should be. Any longer and you would be still deeply connected with her. Normally I am joking about this but dude, you are not going to get over her with an anon letter online. Time will heal.
  • CoolSky01
    Do be gay bro, all this never got a dude any chick it doesn't work, best case scenario she feels emotionaly for a day then dates the next dude that says hi ,
    • It's not gay. It's not meant to get me a chick. It's meant to express how I don't hate my ex and everything. by the way this is 2017... how much longer will "that's gay" be an insult?

    • CoolSky01

      as long as gays exist.
      and no thats just... iam sorry regardless of what anyone comments on this iam pretty sure 90% of them think its dumb and weak AF, i can lie to you and say its cool and sweet but no girls dont appreciate such things, at least not anymore to be that sweet she has to be madly in love with you first.

    • Haters gonna hate. This isn't about impressing women. I honestly don't care what you are anyone else thinks because my self-worth isn't defined by what random people on the internet say. Grow up a bit bro.

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  • zaneyheartszaney
    This is so sweet and mature of you to do so. . m. I hope she really reads this
  • girlinthemirror
    maybe she knows ur nickname on here... and already read it
  • Red88xxx
    Beautiful and powerful words.
  • ScottSummers
    this was sincere and awesome
    heads up mate
  • Anonymous
    sweet one
  • Anonymous
    I think a breakup is an overkill to your problem. If she is comparing you to her father, you could easily just talk to her about it. You probably just not that into her in the first place, because if she is as good as you described, you wouldn't have broken up with her that quick and that easily. you would have tried to work things out instead.
  • Anonymous
    I'm glad to be rid of my ex.7 Things I Want to Tell My Ex Girlfriend7 Things I Want to Tell My Ex Girlfriend
    • Crapulux

      +1 man, getting rid of my ex is the best thing I've ever done, same level as quitting cigarettes! LOL

    • Crapulux

      ... okay, I was sad for a while but then...


    • haha well to me, that's only when someone is genuinely a bad person.