Best Things to Do to Get Over a Broken Heart.

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Best Things to Do to Get Over a Broken Heart.

I am pretty much heart broken right now someone i thought loved and cared about me has let me down badly... when you think someone loves you and suddenly realize they obviously don't it can really hurt so i thought i'd do a take from my experience now and past experiences on how to help get over a broken heart.

Keep Busy.
Best Things to Do to Get Over a Broken Heart.

This is always one of the best things to do when feeling down.. never sit around with nothing to do thinking about how bad everything is and moping around it can hard to find the motivation to do things when you feel sad but pushing yourself and doing things will really help take your mind of stuff and make you feel much better.

Let it out.
Best Things to Do to Get Over a Broken Heart.
Crying or being miserable all day everyday is not the answer.. my first ever heart break took me 3-4 years to really heal from i literally cried for about a year non stop which really wasn't healthy.. but at the same time never bottle things up if you need to cry then let it out because bottling things up is unhealthy and we do need to get our emotions out at a time of grieving because otherwise it will eventually build up and you'll probably feel even worse.. set some time aside everyday to have a think and a little cry and go over things.. with it getting a little bit less each day until you no longer feel like you need to anymore.

Cut all contact with them.
Best Things to Do to Get Over a Broken Heart.

Keeping friends with a person you have feelings for is probably one of the worse most painful things you can do.. unless you have children or need to be in contact for whatever reason you need to distance yourself from the person or you'll be back to square one again and its hard for feelings to disappear when you keep seeing them.

Delete or remove anything to do with them.
Best Things to Do to Get Over a Broken Heart.

This is a tough one because when you love someone there is so much stuff you've probably experienced together so you probably get reminded of them a lot throughout your daily life and any activities you may do... but for a little while it may be best to not do these things until your feelings have died at least a little.. also removing or deleting pictures is important if you have any pictures up of you around house remove them straight away.. if you have pictures on your desktop,facebook, phone it is best to delete them all right away so you don't have to be reminded of these things everytime you go online.

Exercise and eat well.
Best Things to Do to Get Over a Broken Heart.

Exercise and healthy food.. will do you the world of good right now even though when were sad we either don't want to eat at all or binge eat it is best to keep a regular exercise plan and diet so we do not neglect yourself and well being... also being healthy will make you feel better and of course exercise releases happy chemicals endorphin's.

Remember its not your fault.
Best Things to Do to Get Over a Broken Heart.

Last but not least remember that when we're dumped or heart broken this does not mean we did anything wrong or anything to deserve this in life sometimes things don't work out no matter how good things were or how compatible someone seems to be.. remember things can change in one second and we need to enjoy the happy times and not concentrate on the bad and try stay positive.

Best Things to Do to Get Over a Broken Heart.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • onedaysomeone
    I'm sorry you feel this way, I got dumped some time ago and I know exactly how you feel, the person left a void in your heart and you can 'feel' that empty void, and I hope you do all of that stuff mentioned above because I know how hard it is to follow them when you are still hurting, and I am still hurting but I am better than I was a month ago, please if you need to talk about it, maybe I can help you out since I am going through this terrible phase, message me if you can, take care, hope you feel better!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • nowhere_dani
    I just recently got over a heartbreak by using these same methods. It really does work, everything here. Just a week ago, I was sure I'd never get over him because we shared too much to let go of. But now? I couldn't be happier and with no regrets. Great take.
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    • how much time did it take you? Sea, it's been almost two months for me and the pain hasn't be reduced a bit, I wonder how long it will take, the pain gets excruciating at times and it is terrible.
      wish more people can help out and give advice but I don't think this comment will stay... afloat.

    • @onedaysomeone It's been a month for me. An awful cry fest of a month, mind you. I was miserable. Thinking of everything I should've done, thinking of how I could've repaired things. For me, it was a matter of understanding what his intentions were because, in my case, we wanted different things. Did he want a real and exclusive relationship? Did he love me? Because if he really wanted and loved me then he'd've said so (or done everything in his power to make it happen). So.. once I realized this, I knew. I just knew. No matter how much we want to, we can't change anyone. I guess it's all about coming to terms with the truth and fully understanding that, despite the what ifs, there isn't a damned thing you can do to make it happen. But this is just my situation and how it played out.

    • your comment is a real eye opner, I've been depressed about this girl and what we had was real, or so I thought but somehow she still called and texted me during I was on no contact and that just made me miserable all over again, guess it will take some time, and I'm sorry you had to go through something like this, it's pathetic how people just walk away from a person they loved deeply, but I did read a house md quote that said "People never change, they just become more of who they really are".

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  • hibam
    I know what are you talking about because i was exactly in your place. I was flying out of happiness because I thought that one loved me and wanted me as a life partner and suddenly I discover the opposite and they leave without any reasonable excuse, thy guys has also got married a year later and I stayed single which made me devasted more and more. But hey, it doesn't mean I ended up my life ! Yes I got sick and depressed and i isolated myself from the world, but that was just for a month then i stood up on my feet and went on, I put targets in my life that I always dreamt about, my studies, my activities, my family and people who really love me. Always thunk about the special things you have because i know breakups destroy anybody's self esteem. Don't change yourself or play it hard next time because the person who didn't love you for who you are in the past didn't deserve you, Travel, live your life and get new looks. The most important part : Keep reading and cultivate yourself because reading is your strength weapon. Now i know I'm no more as innocent as i was before, but i'm happy because i'm stronger and i can read a guy's mind better than before. I will give you something i'm certain about : If a guy really loves you, you will feel it strongly because it will be obvious by his reactions and gestures, Not just someone who flirts and spends the night with you!
  • lovelyhoneybones
    I found that cutting contact does not work for me. I'm not okay. My last ex and I stopped talking after awhile, well more like him cutting me out and I wasn't okay for almost two years. I ended up caving and getting back into his life because I just couldn't take it anymore.
    • So he cut you out but let you back in when you tried to get back in contact? or something else..

    • I sent him a message on social media and he didn't know it was me. I never expected for him to actually respond to the message. But that's how we got back into each other lives. If I inticiate conversation with him, he talks to me. That's about it though.

  • Lopezz1999
    Nicely written, and I'm sorry that happened to you. After a breakup, or something like that, I always make sure to keep myself busy. Personally I've only had one relationship breakup, and although it wasn't nearly as hard on me, I made sure to gradually delete everything as well. I didn't hold on to memory so it was a bit easier for me, but yeah, you should still delete.
  • RichardBrooks
    You forgot drinking. Also, setting their car on fire can help you feel better, but only until the fire goes out.

    Seriously, though, if someone doesn't want to be with you it's their loss. No matter who you are, anyone who doesn't think you're fucking awesome doesn't deserve to be part of your life.
  • Browneye57
    Choose wisely. Treat kindly.

    You put all your hopes and dreams into someone not worthy. This is on you.
  • Asad1ONE1
    It is sad, yet relieving to hear that we are not alone in a 🌎 full of issues. We all have problems, but thankfully also solutions. Hope you find the correct answers girl.
  • nbbn5
    Thank you and it recently happened to you?
    • Yesterday actually :( so i thought i may as well use it to write a short mytake this isn't the first time but im really hurt.

    • nbbn5

      I am sorry for that , but is there anything i can do to make you feel better, if you want to share something feel free to share?

  • almadafie
    Or talk to your guy friend about it, he will help you move on properly
  • Nice job, thanks for sharing
  • sp33d
    Better use some duct tape. It'll last longer :D
  • Razal
    Nice take
  • Anonymous
    After a breakup, I'll just watch porn every day.
  • Anonymous
    The keeping busy only works if it's doing something distracting enough where you can't think about other things. Tidying, studying, working etc. aren't good enough for that. The only thing that works is video games, so I just play video games 24/7 even though I don't really even like them
  • Anonymous
    :- (