Six Signs You Should Break Up Already

Six Signs You Should Break Up Already

Some people are so clueless as to the status of their own relationships. Dating someone or marrying them shouldn't be a painfully long slog through nothingness. That person should give you joy, laughter, pleasure, a feeling of connectedness, and peace.

1. You have no peace in your life

From the moment you get up, until the moment you lay your head down, it seems like all you do is fight or argue with your significant other. Every phone call is an angry rant or tirade about something. You absolutely dread coming home because you know something will set you or them off, and you just feel absolutely exhausted by being around this person.

Six Signs You Should Break Up Already

2. Their actions are adversely effecting your life

Your partner should lift you up. His/her or your dreams and goals should be something you're both keen on seeing accomplished and/or doing, but when it gets to a point where everything they do is negatively affecting your life, that's a problem. They drink, they end up in the hospital. They spend money, they go straight into debt. Their anger issues are spilling into every aspect of your life. Their now year long unwillingness to get a job is putting a heavy burden on you to pay for everything. If you've had the dreaded talk, and nothing changes, and they continue on a negative path, it's probably not going to get any better.

3. You are not important to them

You're gone for 2 weeks, and they don't call or text or seem like they miss you at all. When you mention something really important you want them to attend, they always flake on you and come up with dumb excuses why they weren't there. They don't seem to ever call you to let you know they'll be late or let you know where they are in general. You do something incredibly nice for them, and they barely bat an eyelash.

Six Signs You Should Break Up Already

4. They refuse to open up about anything

If this is someone you claim to trust and vice versa, they and you, should be able to share, some, if not most of the aspects of your lives with each other. If you know next to nothing about them and it's been months, and there isn't something deeply psychological going on, this is probably going to cause you a lot of trouble down the road because either they are purposefully being secretive, or they will never trust you enough to share who they are on anything other than a surface level you have with acquaintances.

5. This is the second time they've cheated on you

Some people can forgive a cheater once...but twice?!? One does not and should not get unlimited free passes to cheat on you. If they cheat, and you found it somewhere in your heart to forgive them, that comes with the expectation that it won't ever happen again. If it does, what are you sticking around for unless you simply enjoy being hurt by this person, because you forgive again, what are the consequences for that person who knows, you will probably always take them back no matter what. That's on you.

Six Signs You Should Break Up Already

6. Life in the bedroom is bad

Toughie to admit this one, but if life in the bedroom is what matters to you in anyway, odds are, if things are just bad there, and it's been a while, it's not going to get better. You like what you like, you know what works for you and what doesn't, and if your partner just isn't doing anything for you in this department, odds are, you'll end up stuck and wanting and may end up cheating just to fulfill your needs.

Six Signs You Should Break Up Already
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Most Helpful Guy

  • DaBuzzman
    Couldn't agree more. Like for me I'm always at peace and the laid back person. My communication and listening could always improve. Not the best there. I never have been. But I do try, and am open and share. There is no tolerance for cheating at all. That's it right there. I think the bedroom is very important. Physical connection lost is extremely huge! you can always work to get that back. If it doesn't or things aren't the same it's probably the end. Why the depressing article? Lol
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Beautifully Done, hun.
    Added to this List Here, dear, if it is a LDR, which I am very Familiar with Myself... It Takes Two to Make the Effort and Two to Tango and Tangle, and if only One, hun, is Putting forth the Time for Making the Time, then it is Dead in the Water. xx
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    • Paris13

      Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • lovelyhoneybones
    My most recent relationship started out fine and then it started spiraling out of control. I would get a feeling that things were going a certain way, in a bad direction but I always told myself not to worry. The first red flag was when he wanted to spend more times with his friends. He wanted me to talk to him, but along with his friends. I got upset about that but then we talked and we both convinced me that I was wrong.

    I wasn't wrong. He started talking to them over me. Spending more time with them. It started to feel like I couldn't even get a hold of my boyfriend. Like I had to share him. He told me I was welcomed to spend time with my friends, but I did that and he'd get jealous and angry about it. But I kept quiet and gave him his space.

    Eventually my "insecurities" made me distance myself because I didn't want to get hurt, my walls started coming up and we began arguing but it was always my fault. It was because I had too much anger towards him. Or I was too jealous but I was jealous and angry because of what he was doing. He didn't make me feel loved. He made me feel unimportant. Undervalued. It stopped feeling like a relationship, but that was my fault, right? All of it.

    And I believed it. All of it. He eventually ended the relationship, but in the end it was my fault. There were many times I could have and should have ended it. But I loved him, so I didn't. A part of my regrets that.
  • vishna
    It's sad when two people just aren't compatible in bed...
  • John_Doesnt
    What should I do if she starts fantasizing about other women? Is that a sign to break up?
    • If she's bisexual, then she's attracted to both men and women. So then she can still be attracted to you. If she's lesbian she's only attracted to women and then it's time for her to go out of the closet.

  • peachblossomluck
    I wouldn't forgive a cheater even once.
    • Anonymous

      I'm with you on that one, but people do. I have a friend who married her cheating husband who cheated on her for an entire year and got his mistress pregnant. They are now still married and have a newborn. All I can say, is to each his or her own.

    • Is she the one that lives with the mistress and the baby, I saw a post about it... as well

    • @Warmapplecrumble What ever happened to the mistress and the baby? Is the mistress still a side chick?

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  • AnomalyGuy
    None of those apply to my relationship 😄
  • Whatthefluff
    Good point
  • Anonymous
    My girlfriend has been sexting with other guys when I am out of state. Should I end up with her?
    • Dump her. She ain't worth it.

    • It's just sexting?

    • Anonymous

      @Warmapplecrumble I have no problem with Sexting, my concern is about trust and honesty.

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