Coping with the Stress and Agony After a Break-Up

The best way to get rid of the depression after a break up is to get social. And the best day for it is Saturday.

If you don't want to feel alone and call your ex, just go out with your friends, have some hobbies, attend to some courses etc. And don't forget to delete their number!

Breaking up is not only ending the emotional sharings. It is also changing your life style. You may be planning your wedding together and suddenly have a break up. In this point, you will get more depressed. Because all your positive expectations will end. It may be harder for you to get use to it.

I can't find someone better

Coping with the Stress and Agony After a Break-Up

The ones who emotionally feel closer to their partners, have harder times after a break up. They even think that they will never be able to find somone better than their ex.

It may lead to trauma

How was your relationship or how your relationship ended may effect your mood in future. For example; if you have emotional or physical abuse in your relationship, you will feel relaxed after a break up. But you will have its effects along your life.

Understanding the break up

The ones who turn the negative to positive has less chance of getting depression after a break up.

These kind of people try to think more positive and spend their time with some activities.

Control your behaviours

Do some plans for special days not to be alone. Because on special days, like your b'day or valantine day, there is a high possibility that you will think about your ex more than you usually do. So have some plans for these kind of days.

Delete their number

Because you may make calls or send messages that you may regret later. That's why you must delete their number.


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