When Enough Is Enough and It's Time to Move On

When enough is enough and it's time to move on.

A few years back I dated a guy in college and it worked out well for a while but then it ended as many relationships do. I blocked his number after a while but I did feel bad he was a nice guy and all but he had some issues. I had encouraged him to go talk to someone before and it seems after we broke up he did and he got a job. When I was dating him I worked almost all the way through college and he did not have a job but I did not mind that much. He kept saying he was hopeful and he also wants to be friends on Facebook. He also somehow found me on Instagram even though I am sure I never said anything about that account anywhere.

To me now it seems like he may be trying to either reconnect with me though I am in a relationship now again and I do not want to talk to my ex. I have left what happened in the past and it seems he has not or is still doing so. I think I did tell him to please leave me alone at one point though I have to go back and look for that.

What I learned from this for myself is:

When it's time to move on its sometimes best to and leave the past in the past. Dragging things on and contacting people who do not want to talk and have expressed that to you can cause more problems or damage. It may be best to let things end in peace rather than drag it on.

*This is all personal and how I handled things when it happened*

When Enough Is Enough and It's Time to Move On
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  • windknowsmyname
    Im baffled on what issues he had. Cause 1 seems be about money. Which i am not all too suprised. Though you said " all thst much." It should be not at all. But hey wha do i know. Jack all.

    You moved on after his issues where trying resolve itself. i understand. I dont like it when a crazy girl has this way of breeding drama into my life and expect me to except her flaws. No! On the flip side you did what you could now its time to move on. Feel bad for tge guy though.
    • JustJules

      His issues where from what I can remember emotional. I helped and did my best to support him. I never said I did not feel bad for him either. There was more to the situation then I wanted to add here also mostly for his privacy. I also did mention actually that I did feel bad.

      When I was dating him I think he was 27 or 28. At times he did not act like he was 28 or 27. I took a long time to consider if I should end the relationship also it was not just a quick thing. I ended it peacfully also because I did not want to hurt him or cause him emotional problems. He had a hard life and I was there for him as much as I could be. No I wasn't perfect either and I would never claim to be.

      I said to him perhaps he should get a job or help for his peoblems and I would have supported his efforts to and would have helped him.

  • Player9606
    Nice take
  • Anonymous
    A sign that you don't deserve a boyfriend.
    • JustJules

      Excuse me? I got myself out of a relationship that was having adverse affects on my life.

    • Anonymous

      I bet you only date skinny men.

    • JustJules

      Ok you just seem angry now. My current boyfriend is not skinny and weight is never a problem for me in dating.