My Long Distance Relationship Story and Why It Didn’t Work For Me.


Distance may work for SOME but it didn't work for me.

My Long Distance Relationship Story and Why It Didn’t Work For Me.

I was young and naïve at the age of 19; I wasn’t really looking for love, or let alone a relationship that one April Fool’s day we found each other online. I feel that because we met on April fool’s that it wasn’t meant to be.

One day a few months later, I had this strange new weird feeling about him before I met him in person, I somehow knew he was the one, or so I had thought. I reacted on that feeling and had asked him if he would marry me.

One time he tried to come up where I am since we were quite far he got denied at the boarder because apparently he had lied even though he did want to move up where I am to be with me and get married and all.

Fast forward, he had cheated on me in regards to that but I forgave him stupidly.

He had started to become different eventually with time. He and I had phone sex a lot of the time because distance being an issue.

He became more demanding requested things I never felt comfortable with or capable of doing so I over time grew tired of it and just lied and said I had been playing when I wasn’t, I had been acting it out he completely fell for it and believed I was.

I must admit I felt terrible for deceiving him like that but I also felt like I couldn’t just tell him that I didn’t like feeling pressured like he had made me feel.

In times of needing a partner to discuss things, I felt like I could never talk to him because he always just said “ok” so it felt like I couldn’t talk to him when I needed advice or just someone to be there, I really felt like I had to hold everything in.

I often felt trapped nearing the end of our relationship because he blackmailed me into staying in the relationship even though I wasn’t happy. I admit I strayed so yes I cheated, I felt bad but I also felt good about it because it got me out of what I considered to be hell.

My Long Distance Relationship Story and Why It Didn’t Work For Me.
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