Guys here’s why you should never give your girlfriend the silent treatment.

Guys here’s why you should never give your girlfriend the silent treatment.

I’ve been with my girlfriend for two years. I fell in love with her but I had major trust issues. I’ve been cheated on in the past, and recently I saw my girlfriend talking to a guy and got really angry about it. So much so that I took off and left the club without her and she had to call an Uber to pick her up. After that I was so furious with her that I ignored several attempts she made to contact me asking why I wasn’t talking to her and what she did wrong. After three weeks, she got tired of trying to fix everything and sent me a goodbye text. She said she’s tired of trying and not getting any results, that obviously I’m not mature enough to be with her and even if I did talk about it now it’s too late. I responded telling her that I saw her talking to the other guy at the club, she said it was a distant cousin she hadn’t seen in years, and they were catching up on extended family news. I felt like an idiot and tried to apologize but she won’t accept my apology because she’s tired of being punished for my exe’s actions. I don’t blame her but now that she’s gone I realize she’s not like my previous ex. I know there’s no chance of ever getting her back but I want to tell you all to never give your partner the silent treatment when mad. It might feel good for a while but sooner or later it can permanently destroy your relationship. If you’re angry with your partner tell them so that they can fix whatever they did and be done with it. If you’re not ready to talk about it right away tell them and then ask if you can talk it over later. Learn from my mistake.

Guys here’s why you should never give your girlfriend the silent treatment.
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  • renee777
    You didn’t speak to her for three weeks because she was talking to another male? Ignoring the fact that the male ended up being her distant cousin, which is just funny. That’s so dumb, how much of an oppressive, controlling, jealous partner do you have to be to ignore someone for three weeks for just talking to another guy. That’s such disgusting behaviour. Now at least maybe she can find someone who will let her speak.
  • giantsgurl
    As someone who was in a long-term relationship where I used to get "stonewalled" (yes, this is an actual term), shutting your SO out is eventually going to tear you apart. My ex had a habit of being completely silent when I was upset and trying to talk to him about something. I might as well have been talking to the wall. I'd give up trying to talk to him and go downstairs. He would never come to me to initiate a conversation. We'd eventually just go to sleep and wake up the next morning like nothing had ever happened. Maybe he was "over it" by then, but for me, things just festered. I was so unhappy for so long, and we broke up 6 months ago. He actually told me when we were breaking up that he "had no idea that I was that unhappy". I was dumbfounded! I mean, how could he NOT know? I had only tried talking to him about 1,000 times.