I dumped him for being sensitive.

I dumped him for being sensitive.

He was crying because of financial losses, hardships and his friends betrayed him. And instead of being a man, he became a little boy in which I lost my attraction to. So I dumped him and told him to never come back again. I unfollowed him on all social media and deleted his number. He even sent me a letter telling how I broke his heart. I realized that he just wasn't ready for a relationship and is weak. I didn't bother reading it as it's useless and a waste of time so I just glanced at it then threw it away. I think of him as immature and insecure, given the fact that women are faster to get over something, by the time I'm already out there making success, he's still out there sobbing and realizing my worth. I'm happy alone and having a guy is just a bonus to me as I don't need them anyways. Sorry, not sorry!

I dumped him for being sensitive.
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  • SueShe
    And it is because of situations like that that I have decided to stay single. You have realized now what advantages being single. I would not give it up for anything or anybody.

    I am not the least interested in being sexual or intimate, which makes my single life even better.

    I don't know about you and how much you would miss intimacy or if that would be another reason to start another relationship.
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    • You're just scared, that's all.

      You think it makes you brave? Hiding from the world, hiding from life?

      Just makes you a loser and coward.

      That's what kind of man you deserve, the kind you despise the most.

    • SueShe

      @Bananaman177 whatever

    • Color me not surprised that you fold like a wet rag when challenged.

      That's how you would be if you had a man, too. You'd fold up on him anytime he needed you to stand firm and back him up on anything. He'd be fucked, alright, but not in a good way.

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  • DarkyFinn
    Ok this. This is why toxic masculinity exists in the first place.
    "man cannot be weak, the can't show emotions cuz that's how real men work"

    No, that's wrong. Men have feelings. They are allowed to cry. If life keeps kicking in the head, ofc they are allowed to be upset, and EXPRESS THEIR EMOTIONS ON IT. why should feelings be "female exclusive" - thing, that I do not understand.
    • Oram52

      There is NO such thing as "toxic" masculinity. Just pseudo-intellectual BS.

    • Wally48

      Ah but there is a very fine line that guys have to be careful not to cross. Most women will not tolerate whiny little bitches for male partners. A guy can cry at the death of his mom or the birth of his child, but if they come home crying because someone was mean to them at work, female partners see that as weakness and many will ultimately leave them.
      Additionally we all have a responsibility not to bring each other down with petty shit. I call it emotional responsibility.

  • Bananaman177
    One of these days, you'll be the weak one, and someone you love and depend on will find your weakness unattractive and they'll toss you out.

    Whatever pain and suffering you put out, it'll go all the way around the world but it'll always come right back to you in the end.

    You'll pay your debt. Plus interest.
  • QuestionsOSex
    Nice. How would you like it if I dated you? I would come over and make you cry then leave you for being a fucking bitch that doesn't fucking realize that he could have mental disabilities or he could FUCKING BE NORMAL AND CRY LIKE EVERY HUMAN BEING LIKE YOU WILL WHEN I FIND YOUR ADRESS AND LOCK YOU IN YOUR HOUSE WITHOUT FOOD OR WATER
    • Anonymous

      Hahahaha, like it's gonna happen! Not!

    • Ya know what's not gonna happen? You ever having anyone ever again you piece of shit

  • Wow, women always criticize guys for not being able to express themselves verbally, but when someone shows emotions they dump them. But as an anon probably none of it is true or you would be considered a heartless wench.
  • kingakuto
    What the literal fuck, if it was the other way round you would say it's justifiable for a women to cry and be weak but when the man doesn't he means nothing to anymore. That's some cold shit right there. Am not lie and said that if he didn't meet you standards you shouldn't move on but your reasoning is just cold, callous and egocentric placing your own preconceived notions and care first. That's some cold shit right here
  • Nadim171
    You're the kind of woman that I really hate. I will intend to cry in front of a partner to know if they think that way, because if they really think "men shouldn't cry" it's better for me to leave then already, and shoot them before I do so if I could
  • Clinton321
    Damm... to cut it short , sorry what you did was worng. if you truly Love's someone u hardly live him/her.. even if u cut a distance if he comes back to his sense u follow up with him.. put yourself in his shoes☺
  • LadBoiOfTerror
    Wow. You sound like a cold bitch who will end up in a colder grave. I get you're not a fan of the guy and you didn't want to be with him. But I think deep down you actually feel kinda bad for what you did and that's why you wrote this post saying these horrible things. Like you need people to celebrate your actions so you can stop feeling bad. The guy might have been insecure, but you're no better.
  • Harmseygrace
    You're a horrible person. Good luck finding a guy with that sorta attitude, you'll be alone for the rest of your life.
    • No she.. ll take u r guy.. n show him shit he can describe. to u later.. so be careful..

    • Madam

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  • Lightning8
    So, I'm pretty sure this is misandry if I've ever seen it played out through a relationship.

    It's disgusting, as if a man emptionally abused and dumped you because you temporarily couldn't control your weight. That would be seen as misogyny; because that shouldn't be the only reason you are with a woman, to use her. Only it's worse because the poor guy actually experienced loss.

    Attraction is just attraction; that's one dimension of a relationship; kindness and humanity should also be present I guess? So especially for a woman, you should be able to understand the very basic social cue of giving comfort to someone who experiences loss and distress. Maybe you experinced trauma or otherwise developed differently to lead you to a different conclusion regarding social cues.

    But I don't know, maybe you don't believe relationships should be anything more than shallow a mutual shallow attraction, with commitment thrown out the window to get any available "better option".

    Good luck to you
  • Natalie2085
    If I were a guy, I would run from you so quick people's heads would be spinning. He has every right to cry, especially if there is all that hardship going on in his life. I doubt that you never cried over something once. This is pure narcissism...
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Sure, he may be a sissy but you could have been supportive. If you showed him some positive actions, they could have rubbed off onto him that he can learn from. Instead, you just exercised your selfish side. I will however give you credit for being headstrong despite being heartless.
  • anna991
    So instead of helping him you left him wow in my opinion you were wrong he was having a hard time and he needed u and that doesn't mean that he is weak
  • MajesticTwelve
    I always wonder about these kinds of stories. If they're true, why post them anonymously? Anything you say, especially something shitty like this, either own or don't post.
    • she's a coward-as proven by her action.

  • Chadnelson1973
    Wow this gal is a first class bitch maybe she will wake up in time. At least the guy found out what's she's like before it's to late. Gives him time to find someone caring
  • Bluemax
    You rate the troll song... METAL VERSION!

  • Nachowedgie
    Sounds like a man pretending to be a woman by using a pink anon account to push a stupid narrative, fuck off to some other forum
  • Guanfei
    You dumped him because you're a gigantic bitch who throw people who are going through hard time.
    All I wish to you is that you live the same, and that you end up alone, broken and desperate. Go jump off of a bridge, you waste of space.
  • Who needs a weak man? its ok to get emotional occasionally, but guys who are always in their feelings are so annoying.
    Great reason to dump him. Dude was going through some shit, he should have overcame his problems and not confided in you.
  • Dchrls78104
    Maybe you did him the favour of showing him your true nature; any girl who dumps a guy just because he's at a low period in his life isn't a true friend and simply was never worth the time or the trouble, to start with.
  • MotoMoto
    He opened up to you and you left him when he needed somebody there for him the most, you are a terror. I hope he gets his act together and prospers without you.
  • holograph
    You did him a favor, you heartless jerk. I sincerely hope that any time you have problems in life or otherwise show weakness to anyone, that they toss you out to the curb.
  • Kavya190
    Okay. What’s the point of this take? I smell trolling. Weak troll 4/10
  • KaitieSearching
    I don’t believe you. I think you’re at least 90% bull$hit.
  • valentine74
    You sound like my whore girlfriend with the sick vocabulary actually this whole post sounds like a shot from a group of sick fucks known as the Lacombe Goof Group led by a little homosexual named Donny whose whore secretary BeeJay is ACTUALLY not my girlfriend after today's display of hack tactics proving she is a useless twat
  • Twalli
    So you want a guy who doesn't give a shit. You feel bad but since he wants sex, you want him to just take it? You need a shoulder to cry on but he wants to get drunk at a bar with friends so you're left alone? He gets bored and wants to explore other women but expects you to stay, and you do? These are all examples of guys who aren't sensitive.
  • Sabretooth
    i'd say you did him a big favor. i'd also say YOU aren't ready for a relationship. just remember: who goes around comes around-a lesson you WILL learn.
  • Chthou95
    I think he'll look back on it & be glad you did that so he could find a girl who wouldn't leave him for stupid shit like that
  • idarodes
    Its interesting how most women will not tolerate even slight signs of weakness in a man. However they should not be surprised if then men don't open up and communicate that much. You can use a man as your rock but a rock cannot be your buddy as well.

    Its interesting to know though. I knew this held true but not now super mega important it is for women.
    • It isn't. Op is either a troll or retarded.

    • idarodes

      I really hope you are right

    Ok so what's the question? Or are you just showing off how you hurt a dude's feelings
  • Zodiac10
    I'll take $500 for "shit that didn't happen" please.
  • just_legit1998
    I hate the fact that the guy was showing his soft side and yet she expects him to be a so called "alpha". 😓
  • standingUP
    I could only read a few comments before laughing and here I go. GOOD, that pussy should have never been dating a woman in the first place. What is wrong with the gender switch in this generation. This message should be a lesson to every male who commented against this. Fair warning men, women don't want pussies. It is simple. Man up and get your **** together.

    I have a test I give to my daughters before they date a dude. Tell them to change a tire first and then see where this goes for you to continue talking or not. ALL BEFORE THE FIRST DATE.

    Then go ahead but be aware of some talking points while on this date. Does he validate himself too much or even does he need too much validation? both are red flag warnings to just walk out without explanation.
    A woman should never have to watch a man cry about everyday topics and especially poor me BS.
    Good for you for posting this !
  • Shamalien
    It's coming off as a troll... I'm gunna guess this is a troll. A lot of what your saying really rings true in my mind though. Women argue against this shit so hard, but I've observed the world cautiously... and I've noticed that if a man shows too much weakness around his girl, she starts looking elsewhere. Women ultimately just want it all, they want a man who can be emotional but they also don't want to think of him as weak, so next time you cry around her make sure to punch a hole in the wall as well just to show your still a badass warrior
  • lonleydaybob
    And this is why suicide after breakups happen I know happened to me but survived
  • renee777
    What a bitch
    • renee777

      Just to clarify, you’re the bitch. Not the guy

  • Wow. What an unselfish and supportive person you are 👏
  • Liam_Hayden
    Sounds like you are both better off without the other.
  • Creepazoid
    You must be a transgender because this isn't something a real women would do.
    • holograph

      You might have transgenderism stuck in your head a bit beyond what's normal, friend. Do you want to talk about it?

    • @holograph i think most here would go for a trans girl before they they would her-a non op versatile one, at that.

  • prasanp
    I am happy for him. He don't need to get rid of you being insensitive. I am really glad he don't have to deal with you anymore.
  • Rocky_Jocky57
    Don't feed the troll guys.
  • MannMitAntworten
    Aaah... the perfect fuck buddy. Complete indifference. I like that.
  • TB_Cosmic
    Well then, I am sincerely happy for this break up. I don't know either of you but my guess is that he doesn't deserve a woman who is that cruel to him. You clearly lack some form of empathy. The only reason why he would cry is because he is in emotional pain, as his girlfriend you should have been there for him. Financial losses are hard to deal with especially if you are the one bringing home the income in the relationship and having friends betray you is also very painful. I hope he can find somebody better than you in his future because you wronged him.
  • CarpetDenim
    Cool, you’re a bitch
    • @TheFlak38 Not sure why you have me blocked considering I don’t recall ever interacting with you before, but no, this isn’t what usually happens. It’s bound to happen if you date a rotten, insensitive, toxic person like OP, but the average girl isn’t like that. Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

    • Joker_


  • HereIbe
    Yeah, you'll die alone and regret it all. Good. You're a coward, anyway.
  • francis51s
    Sounds like he's better off without you.
  • WildNekoWolf
    Oh boy. I may be only 16 but even I can tell you're messed up. He was experiencing financial loss, hardships, and got betrayed by friends. He had a perfectly good reason to cry. And then you go and make it worse by breaking up with him. Honestly, I'm glad you did because he doesn't need your negativity in his life. He deserves way better than you, who's just willing to dump someone as soon as they're experiencing such difficult times. It's a good thing you're not dating anyone because you're just a jerk.
  • WTFever
    Troll much?
  • robertKugler
    Fuckem n chuck em. ... no time for that... his friends seem like a great bunch of guys to u I bet..
  • Carlos_Dyer
    to upfront you really have no heart if the shoe was on the other foot you would want to comfort you and console you to the point that you are reassured everything is going be alright. how comes when breakdown many see it as a flawed weakness its ok for a man to cry to be sad to get upset its all apart of being a human being these are the characteristics and moods and emotions that comes with the entire structure of the human race yet some display emotions others do not but it does not make them any less of a person as its within their normality to function this way it just causes for some to be more compassionate understanding and sensitive to what those are feeling and experiencing at such moments and times and if you as a partner lack these things if love has a firm root within you you'll find away but if there is no love you'll find an excuse to get u off the hook so you can make a quick exit from such a relationship