I can't do this anymore

I cant do this anymore

I have done a lot of wrongs and I am at a point where I feel alone. What has happened is my fault, I am doing my best to take it but my mindset is just wanting to.... give up.... I can never escape or get out of my past and the feeling of being stuck makes me feel more and more alone and kinda like not wanting to do anything else..... How can you apologize and have the person know you really are sorry? How can you have them see it? Like I try and try and it's like I am not enough which makes me feel more and more of not wanting to continue on..... I feel like I failed that and a lot of other aspects in my life that I just feel ready to give up...... Just how can someone make it better from the lies, the cheating the everything (I feel like I murdered someone that's how bad I feel for all my mistakes and I am in jail doing time for life) and there's just no light at the end, all I see is darkness and for me I just.... Yeah I don't know I feel depressed, scared, alone, no one to talk too and the person I miss/ talked too is the one person I hurt the most....

I can't do this anymore
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  • TheLawAroundHere
    This situation is just a byproduct of your deliberate actions. If you think so highly of this guy, you would have NEVER stepped out on him. But you did. While you were throwing your body around, you were ripping this guy to shreds. A "heartfelt, sincere apology" is such an underwhelming notion that you should forget about it, all together.

    You are here because of what YOU did. Not him. You are here because you stopped thinking about him. You are the one who acted like a tramp. Not him. You are the one who wanted the attention you got when you were not with him. He didn't. You are the one who wanted something else. Not him. You are the one who decided he wasn't enough. Not him.

    Because of all of these "not him" statements, its fair to say that you do not deserve any relief from this shit storm.

    You earned it. Now its time to take your medicine.
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  • Lil_hanoj
    Listen I understand your pain but you can't change the past you try to better yourself in the future I'm all alone I dont have friends. I can't go outside because my decisions in past, but I try to better myself through my hobbies which mine is piano and singing. But it's ok because being is the worst but in this day in age you dont have to be alone. Just please try to come to terms with what you did and try to make yourself better so it doesn't happen again.
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  • Bluebell17
    You need to totally accept that u fucked up We all make mistakes big or small and a lot of people won't acknowledge their shitty behaviour Yes u have explained on here but can u explain all this to the person face to face? That's the first step to do due to people having too much pride and a big ego.. which backfires in the long run.. You need to work on it own issues too which sounds like u have some . All u can do is take that risk and explain word by word wot I said on here and truly mean it Its got to be deep from the heart.. Also ask urself do u have empathy and compassion? I'd be very surprised if the other person will accept wot u have done because people can only take so much hurt in life
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  • mermaidrocketship
    Apologize. The best apologies are sincere. Speak from the heart. Don’t become overly emotional. I feel manipulated when someone apologizing to me starts crying and like it’s about their feelings. Focus on the person and your broken relationship. The person can either accept your apology or not. Regardless, make an effort to not repeat the mistake. People don’t always do the right things. You’re not immune to that. It’s hard to forgive yourself at times because we expect so much from ourselves. Don’t forget that to err is human. Forgive yourself in the same way you would forgive someone else.
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  • nomadia
    The most we can really do is firstly acknowledge the wrong and hurt we caused apologize then make amends. Sometimes u even have to forgive yourself too. And most of all learn from our mistakes. U can't really make someone forgive you for your mistakes all we can do is ask and hope that they do and if they don't then life goes on. Sometimes it takes a while to forgive some one that has done us wrong.
  • driller1127
    Yes you might of hurt other people. but the one you have to apologise and make amends is you. you can't be 💯 sorry until you forgive and learn to be honest and truthful to you. learn to love your self again. then people will see your being sincere. you come first your number one. and i don't know you but im eric if you do need to talk or just vent
  • madgoat
    Unfortunately, you can't truly apologise until they are ready to hear you and believe you. You should keep showing humility though.
    As bad as you feel now, it's unlikely to last. Most people find a way to justify their actions to themselves if not the world.
  • AntiHunger
    Often times I feel the same way but I’m very sensitive. If I have a bad day I break down and think about all of my insecurities, mistakes, just everything negative. Usually I can’t look myself in the mirror after this because I’ll point out everything wrong with me. 😅
  • Lightning8
    I don't know if you would still feel so bad if you didn't actually miss the guy and were instead with someone that you think is so-called "better". Cheating is an act of selfishness, even "self love", and some disregard to the person you are betraying. But let this be a lesson, so that you might learn that you need set standards for your behaviour and be serious about treating people equally, fairly, and with integrity.
  • rajesh_leo
    Put yourself on 'repair mode'. First good thing you are doing is by acknowledging the fact that you did bad to others. Now start behaving good with others. Be polite. Smile. Do some charity work. Make yourself busy. Then slowly take steps to apologize in person to those whom you have hurt without expecting any sympathy from them. You will start feeling better. Most importantly, DO NOT repeat same mistakes in future.
  • Gibby09
    I believe your morals are carrying lots of weight finding reason is tough by putting it out there you have made it clear about getting through this make passion less comment so your morals rest take time with this you'll be alrite
  • PeteyB
    Honestly, talk it out, feel it through, but remember that in time it will be ok one way or another :)
  • Robertcw
    Repent. It's the only way. Until then, arguably it's normal to feel down.

    In the meantime I find long hot showers work well.
  • yenofed840
    work on yourself. read good books, go for walk, attach with you friends, whatever done is done.
  • dbr1987
    This text is entirely focussed on your pain, YOU can't take it anymore, You andsoforth. The first part is asking for us to sympathise with you. I think might be wrong you are a ligt La histrionic. This is a cluster B apologyletter. And you know what annoys me the most? With this clust er b histrionic apologyletter? You would do it again in a heartbeat. I don't see any sign of responsibility for your actions in the letter. Take responsibility for your own life for your actions and treat your cluster B problems. Good luck with that. How do i know? Cluster b ex, same writing
    • Treebee

      Really? I appreciate different opinions because I didn't really see that. I saw that she was hurt by the pain she caused. Maybe I missed something.

  • funkit46
    A little secret... Get off the drugs it's all in your head... Seriously most people forget shit a day or two later.. trust🤔
  • Treebee
    I needed to see this. I wish my husband of 42 years could say these words to me. Just your words are enough to feel the pain consuming you. My husband continues to cheat on me and I've finally had enough of the lies. Don't give up. Let me tell you a story about my daughter. She was a nurse, mother of 4 and married 25 years. One day she was different. It was Chrystal meth. She left her husband and children for a life of drugs and partying. Oh how my heart broke for my grandkids. But, 2 years later, she has been clean for a year, has her children back in her life and has been hired by the Re-Hab facility that kicked her out as a hopeless case a year ago. She was homeless for a while. She's a true inspiration for just how far down the hole you can go and still climb out. She hurt a lot of people and it wasn't easy for them to trust her again. But, she's getting there.
  • Iwillneverunderstand
    You okay?
  • KaraAyna
    Good take
  • Nikki1998
    I say you should get therapy they help.