Yes, the guy/girl who dumped you sometimes misses you... A LOT.

Yes, the guy/girl who dumped you sometimes misses you... A LOT.

The other day I broke up with a girl I had been dating for nearly three months.

Sometimes I wonder what she thinks I am thinking. Sometimes I am curious whether she understands my feelings. The truth is I dumped her and I miss her A LOT. I even cry about it.

Does a Dumper Miss You?

Here is the thing about someone who dumps you. Often times they don't dump you because they want to do it, they dump you for moral or integrity reasons. Sometimes they may dump you out of pain or fear.

I wish the Dumper felt my pain!

Actually, in some cases the person who dumped you probably does feel just as much pain as you. Especially if it was a long relationship.

Does the Dumper think about me?

Yes. Sometimes the dumper thinks about you all the time. In some cases the dumper may fuck another person to try to escape the pain of your memory. It may be a temporary high but in the end they will think of you months or even years later.

Does the Dumper feel regret?

Absolutely. As a Dumper I feel regret and pain at the moment. I certainly doubt if I made the right decision but in the end I know I did. In the end, I know I made the right decision but I wish I never had to do it.

Will a Dumper ever take you back?

In most cases no. In my situation, probably not.

What would it take to get an Ex Back?

In my situation I have a secret fantasy that after blocking her on phone and social media..she will fight for the relationship by emailing me or sending me a long letter. The fantasy is followed by a reunion where she is a completely transformed and improved version of herself. Where she accepts the past and has true remorse and I can clearly see she has changed. She has matured. She is ready for the REAL thing.

Transform yourself for the better. Address fully why the breakup happened. And fix those flaws in the relationship.

Does No Contact Work?

I still love her. But it is the party at fault's job to fix things.

Yes, the guy/girl who dumped you sometimes misses you... A LOT.
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