Break-ups...we've all been there

So after going to a concert I received a text message from an unknown number. So I asked who it was, turns out to be someone I never met but he's a friend of a friend. Of course he got my number by accident so I told the guy goodnight. Then when I wake up the next day, I notice I received a text message from the same guy as the night before. I learned his name was Edward* and he was a year younger than me.

So we began to develop a friendship, and then he asked me what I look like, he has never seen me face to face. Edward sent a picture of his face and then I did. Edward started to flirt with me. Next thing I knew we were dating. Edward was full of energy, everyday we would go to the pool or play tennis. Sometimes I went to his house and his friends houses. We would go to Kings Island and the movies. Almost everyday we saw each other.

About a month into the relationship we started to drift from each other. Edward was staying home more and I was spending time with my friends and family a lot. He texted me saying he doesn't want a girlfriend, he wants to flirt with other girls, but he still really really likes me and wants to start dating again when school starts.

I couldn't believe what was happening, I became an emotional wreck. I hated him, cried, felt guilt, and had mood swings every five seconds. After two phone calls and a million texts later we settled our relationship as friends.

But I was left heartbroken and empty inside. I stopped eating, tried to run my daily six miles, but I was so sore and kept cramping up. Once I stopped the treadmill and sat down crying, it was so painful. I wasn't sleeping and lost a lot of weight, in fact I was 84 pounds, underweight, restless, and physically hurt everywhere. I got sick as well and passed out once. It was not a cry for help, I was broken on the inside. My mother was worried and almost took me to get help. Seeing her cry was enough for me to handle, so I stuffed my face with whatever my hands grabbed.

For the first time in months I began to play the piano again, but the songs weren't upbeat and merry. They were depressing, sad, and brought tears to my eyes but playing was like being addicted to drugs, I couldn't stop. I played for hours and hours everyday, cried in the shower, and started to read romance novels.

My acne had cleared up, I rearranged my room, and went to the pool everyday. I finally was starting to feel better. Then I bumped into Edward one day, and it was rather friendly. Not awkward or tense, but friendly. Later I texted him and he said he'd like to hang out some time.
"My acne cleared up, I rearranged my room, & I went to the pool everyday."

Then I started to flirt with his friends, and I still haven't seen him yet, but recently I've bumped into his brother and mother. I'm feeling ok, still cry in the shower sometimes and I continue to play the piano but slowly I'm moving on, and slowly the pain is going away, little by little everyday.

Break-ups are hard and no one's alone when it comes to having one, all it takes is a shoulder to cry on, a hug from a friend, and hanging out and meeting new people is better then sitting in front of that TV watching soap operas with chocolate. Every once in a while have a good laugh, watch a hilarious clip on YouTube, laughing releases chemicals that make you happy and crying every now and then is actually good for you. Never bottle up your emotions, it just gets worse.

**Name has been changed for individual privacy.


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    No offense but bloody hell girls are crazy!

    Not even a month in and you are in love like the crazy part!

    Took me 2 months to get there with my current gf

    lol now we are on the crazily horny get alone together as much as possible phase


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  • People who say 'over-reaction' shut up. While yes it's true, illogical, irrational, and I would have made the same snide remarks about a year ago, dude I know exactly what you're saying haha. In my little overreaction, I couldn't eat or sleep, and played piano obsessively too! holy crap we're like twins lol. actually didn't think it was possible to pass out from an idea, but I did once..just after my guy said no, and another guy asked me out, and I accused him of being jerk, and he yelled back ha


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  • Thanks for this write-up. I am a boy and I cry even though its been three years past. I am ashamed of crying but can't seem to bottle up everything.


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  • Wow it's like you were living my life. yeah it hurt like hell even after they say they want to try again later. it's like they're saying you're it you're the girl I want to marry but until then will you sit on this shelf and wait for me while I go out and play with all these other girls? It does get easier but you can't help but to be mad a them somewhat. He was the first and only time I had ever settled and look what it got me. So we'll have to learn to be pickier and find better. Beautiful BTW

  • Definite over reaction. A month in and you're falling out of life because a guy you barely knew said he wanted to just be friends. You're too emotionally immature to be able to handle a relationship if that was your reaction. People married for years break up and take it better than you did. Grow up

  • Good lord, after a MONTH you reacted like this?


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