Break up text isn't fun!

When a person breaks up with you over text; is it because they're not mature enough to tell you in person?

My first break up text just happened on Monday. On my way home from school I had this feeling that the relationship wasn't going anywere. He sent me a response once I got home: "Now really I think we should break up I don't love you anymore sorry to tell you"

I didn't know how to feel afterwards. It had a really hard time seeing each other because;

A) I lived in the city and he lived in White Plaines

B) I would always take the train to see him.

I mean I felt if he just gave me an example why he didn't love me anymore then i would've understood. Does it feel right to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend over text? does that make you the mature person or are you just scared to tell it to there face? How do you feel? Break up text isn't fun!


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  • I've done it to a guy in the past.
    I've also just avoided a guy hoping he'd take the hint. he didn't. instead he randomly stopped by after a week of unreturned calls (this was before texting was a thing).

    immature, maybe, but honestly to those 2 guys I don't feel the least bit remorseful.


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  • And what if he calls you to break up? I've seen these cases.

  • @thewanderingme still, you should know better. . think of it, what if someone you like so much did that thing to you, would you feel great about it?


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  • I think its a sign of cowardice and shows they never cared about yoi3

    • I think he cared about me. He was just to coward about it by not talking to me in a mature way.

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