The end of the road for a relationship

The end of the road for a relationship

After reading so many blogs, questions and answers on here there are so many opinions out there in how to deal with a relationship break up.

This will be a very simple mytake as i dont want to bore you.

In my final year of uni i met a girl who took an interest in me and i took a liking to her the first time i laid my eyes on her. People said at the time that they were surprised that i went for her cause she wasn't my "supposed type". Anyway cutting a long story short we started getting to know each other, we started dating and then eventually we got together.

After a while things started deteoriating because i went away on placement for a month just after Christmas in 2010. I struggled to keep in touch with her because of how busy i was and that meant the start of the end of the road for that relationship. When i came back things were okay but she wasn't herself. After a while it came out that she had full blown depression and i handled it all wrong. It was the first time id seen depression first hand. She started to get help but i was such a jerk to her cause of my selfishness and lack of understanding that she said we need to talk. I knew what was coming and it hit me hard when what i thought was coming came out. She said she wanted a break but i knew that meant it was over deep down. after a week or so i accepted that it was over and i struggled to let go to begin with but i let go eventually.

what i learnt from that horrible experience was that sometimes advice or pointers won't always help you. im not saying it won't but i think in those moments after a relationship break up it takes TIME to get over it. There is no easy fix after a relationship is over you have to let yourself grieve cause part of your life has died and its hard to come to terms with that. You dont want to jump straight into another one after youve just come out of one. That can create more problems.

TIME is the essence and before you move on i really think people need to make sure theyve let go. Some people you will always have a soft spot for but dont let that affect your next relationship.


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  • That's great advice, happy that you posted this because a lot of people don't realize it

    time to be alone so that you can reflect on what happened and that no ones to blame. Understand after that experience what you want vs what you don't want in your life and finally look at yourself once more so that you realize how an intense experienced changes you


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  • It can create more problems, but it doesn't have to. Sometimes you'd miss the opportunity to be with a great person if you insist on a grieving period first.

    • Depends how attached you were to the person. If you're talking about a 2 or 3 week fling then clearly not lol

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    • lol I'm merely repeating your words to me and telling you how it came over. By omitting the duration of your relationship (s) and telling others their relationships are essentially meaningless and a failure if they didn't hit the 10-15 years mark, it's just natural to assume you were nowhere near the 10 year mark and just lashing out at others who are more successful at getting into relationships and staying in one a little longer than you did.

      Yes, I cannot agree with someone who basically lost his girl because he was a jerk. Your words, not mine.

    • i wasn't lashing out at all. exaggerated much. i just disagree with you cause from a personal point of view that method wouldn't work for me. if it works for you then happy days. i needed time to get over it and other people do as well.

      just so you know that relationship wasn't working from the very beginning. we forced it but it was never right. although that doesn't mean it didn't hurt like hell nonetheless.

  • this is very true


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