Boyfriend broke up with me because of his parents divorce?

My boyfriend and I have been on and off for 5 years. recently we have been on for 2 years with a 15 day break up in the middle? Anyways 3 weeks ago his parents got their 2nd divorce from each other. I was at college (he's a HS senior) and I tried my best to listen and do what I could. The weekend of the split he came to visit and we were so happy and had so much fun and were so in love. The beginning of this week he was very tense and snappy and everything little thing i did was wrong. (liking a guy friends status on FB, I posted a picture with my friends and we were wearing bikinis). And he was just mad and he said he wanted to spend a day or two to himself. Well yesterday I came home from college for the summer and he called and he asked me to meet him at our local McDonalds and I said ok. We sat in his car for 2 hours and he was just pouring out to me all his feelings about his parents and I listened intently and commented when needed. All the while he couldn't look me in the eye when he talked. At the end he looked at his hands and told me that we should break up and he feels that we are "one sided" because he spends so much money coming to see me. (my college is 36 minuted to an hour away). then he said“you’re beautiful and i love you but i don’t even think i know what commitment or love is anymore and i wanna just be friends”. We have gone off before and the longest we were ever apart was 90 days. Should I wait and see if he comes around or are we broken up for good?(I'm currently doing the whole "No contact" thing)
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He called me today and asked me to try again and that he was wrong for what he did and he loves me
Boyfriend broke up with me because of his parents divorce?
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