If you were the dumper does closure help you move on?

Why do guys refuse to give closure after a breakup whether they were the dumper or the dumpee? I broke up with my ex and a few months later it started to hit me i really missed the dude and regretted the breakup. But whenever i tried to talk to him he would get defensive and say now is not the time then 30 seconds later he would say there is nothing to talk about. I just don't understand what is going on in his head
Ok closure was the wrong word. Sorry. Even though i was unhappy enough to break things off seeing what it did to him made me feel awful and extremely guilty for hurting him. So thought talking (closure) would help the both of us.


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  • Why does the dumper need closure? They did the freaking closing! Im really having a hard time following you here.

    You presumably had second thoughts and missed the dude. That's fine. But him not giving you the time of day isn't refusing to give you closure. It's straight up not wanting anything to do with you.


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  • What don't you understand? You dumped him and he doesn't want you back.


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  • Perhaps he's hurt and he feels that continued contact with you will only lengthen the recovery process.


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