Should I Break Up over FaceTime?

I don't see my boyfriend too often as he lives about an hour away. I'd like to end it before school starts. I know I should do it face to face, but under these circumstances is it acceptable to break up with him over FaceTime, since I want to end it as soon as possible? Is texting acceptable as well? Thanks so much for your help!

If I break up with him at either of our houses in real life, it'd be real awkward since after the deed is done we'd have to wait for our ride; neither of us would be able to leave immediately. What do y'all think I should do?


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  • Yea , you sound like your not ready to have a boyfriend

    • Your way too young and you need to take time
      to find your inner soul before you decide who
      you want be with plus you need a education,
      go to school, get good grades, get job than
      worry about guys later all guys will do that age
      is give you a big belly if you don't know about
      birth control

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  • Modern people ugh Oh no wait.. instead of doing that , slap him over FaceTime -.-'

  • I'm all for it.

  • if its brian then yea


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