He blocked me on Instagram after we left our breakup on good terms?

We dated for 1 year and a half. We took a break exactly 1 month ago due to fighting and him not thinking he loved me. Then he said he missed me and we got back together. Then we got in the same argument as we did before that break last Friday (July 18) and he wouldn't talk to me and ignored my calls and shut off his phone. I kept trying to call him and apolgizie, left a voicemail, and still nothing. Finally he said 'I don't want to talk' and how it stresses him out too much and the same thing happens all the time. Then I kept calling (stupidly) and no reply. Sunday - nothing. Monday - I ask for my DVD's back and he said ok. We plan to meet up Tues. I asked him over text if he loved me he said 'I don't know anymore'. I asked Tuesday what time I should come at and he said he had already dropped them off in my mailbox. I freaked out and knew it was the end so I said 'be a genuine person and do this in person' and he said 'no thanks'. I showed up at his doorstep with some old letters he gave me. We hugged and I cried and he was being pretty nice about it. He said that I should text him when I get home so I did and it was really basic conversation like 'hi. hi. sorry for showing up and not telling you. its ok. whatsup...' he only said what he was doing so I figured I might as well not answer (I'm trying the '30 day no contact' thing) until he asks about me cause I had shown him I cared too much. No reply. That was Tues, Jul 22. Now he has blocked me on Instagram and deleted the photo of us. He is snapchatting a blonde fat chick who looks like she might be a prostitute, and another girl who looks even younger than me. I assume he has met these girls online even though they live where we live. Do you think he blocked me to get my attention because I haven't spoken to him since Tuesday? We left it on good terms (i. e. friends) so i dont understand why he would block me on Instagram but not FB? Help please.


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  • OOOOKKKKK YOU need to get your emotions in check girl. I understand what it feels like to go through a break up, but it is important if not vital to as best as possible control your emotions and remain calm. If someone does not have a desire to talk to you, then you honestly have to let them be. I think you need to remain this NC rule. You are obviously having a TOUGH time getting over this guy and believe me I know how you feel. So speaking from experience you do not need to worry about his Instagram, don't worrry about who he is talking tooo because in the end it IS NOT BENEFICIAL FOR YOU and will only hurt you more. In my opinion remain the NC and slowly move on from this guy. Stop thinking about him as much as possible. I think it is important as to why you are arguing, try to bring some logic and reality to the situation. YOU TWO WERE ARGUING. THAT IS NOT VERY POSITIVE. WHY WERE YOU ARGUING? STOP STALKING HIS MOVES, the sooner you do the better you will feel time will help heal.. IF you want to rant or ask questions or just post feel free =)

    • its hard because i lost my virginity to him so im extra attached to him. also hard seeing as we had a break and he missed me so i figured he'd miss me again after this.

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    • Asker you seem to be in a bad place right now. This relationship sounded tumultuous before. There is a reason for that. There is a reason the both of you separated. I realize you gave him your virginity, but you have to realize that he may not be the right guy. You need to stop thinking about him or you will go crazy. Based on your comments you already seem emotionally unstable.

    • My ex blocked me on Facebook. and then she readded me then blocked and unblocked and blocked. At the time I was like you what is going on. But now I know I was being foolish and just had to let my ex do what she wanted and even though I loved her move on.

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  • I'm sorry you're going through this, but he IS your ex now, so why is it important to have to know this? The guy did you a favour by breaking up with you by the sounds of it. You're wallowing in the hows and whys of his breakup techniques and what he chooses to do now as a single guy. I know it doesn't matter, but dropping off your DVDs in person or not is such a non issue. You got them back. Why did you think you needed them personally handed to you? At least you got them back. Some people chuck them out, or damage them first.

    Obviously he is having some issues that he needs to work on and you're not helping the situation by reminding him that he's a jerk. Though you're not saying it directly, any time he hears from you or sees you it's making him feel this way. And exes really should be cutting off contact, and so should you from him. How would it be if your next boyfriend found it so important that you be in touch with this guy by remaining on social media sites as contacts and end things in an idyllic way that only you think should be?

    In no way am I defending him, but I am more or less wanting you to see that your need to know things or how things are done with an ex now is no longer your concern and you are expending energy in the wrong place now. He's choosing to live his life without you looking at what he's doing, and hopefully he'll give you the same when you move on and meet a much better guy. He's deleted your photo, and that says it all. It's the new age insult now and sends a big message that he no longer wants to be reminded of your relationship, he has other plans. And really, what he does on his page is his business now.

    Find your strength to know YOU have power to get on with things that won't include him either and you can start by knowing how to make yourself happy without relying on what or why he's doing something. Hang out with friends and meet a new guy. This one has made it clear it's over. Good luck.

    • I haven't been talking to him, so I'm confused as to why he has blocked me on Instagram, but not Facebook. Thank you though

    • That's why I said social media. I know you mentioned Instagram, but to me it's all the same. If he's blocked you anywhere that is his choice to do so now. I just wish you had done it first! :) And it's likely because he believes if you saw any one little thing that he's posting that you would react and he wants to save the arguments or explanations on what he's doing now. It might be harsh, but if he's already planned that the things he's doing are possibly going to upset you or create drama on his end, then he's not a very nice guy. So not only is he an ex, but he's an ex with a new life that he isn't going to want you to see or have opinions on that are up for discussion.

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  • Sounds like something i would do. I personally believe he still has a lot of feelings for you but just is 'unsure' of things because of things that have perhaps occured in the past.

    • Do you think by not contacting him it has made him angry and want to do that to get my attention?

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    • Do you think he'll ever talk to me again :(

    • Umm, yea probably. But it depends on how much he misses you. You can try contacting him also. I'm sure he still loves you very much but is just confused that's all :)

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  • if he questions the love he has for you several times then throw him out the window (if his already done this before quiet a bit then i would assume he will do it again) ! Please don't try going after him his really not worth it ( plus your making it harder on yourself) I know breakups are hard and your feelings for that person are still strong but you have to be stronger and understand that you guys aren't a couple anymore. As for blocking you in Instagram maybe he didn't want you seeing that he was chatting with those girl (though that's really immature of his part) if you guys stayed friends ( as you said) then there shouldn't be any necessity to block you ( unless he was hiding something from you). But anyways stay strong because I know you can get through this :)!! There are plenty of fishies swimming in the sea not just him ( plus his chatting up some girls right after the break up... his not a very good fish to catch)


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