How does it feel when she finally leaves you after you dumped her twice?

Lets say, she was nice, sweet, kind, beautiful, brilliant, soft-hearted lady, loyal, faithful, you're her priority, sincere, understanding, the wife material kinda girl. Yet, she was hard to get before she fallen for you like really hard, it took almost a year until she finally gives attention to you. And even when you left twice, she waited, she didn't do the things single people should do, she didn't fuck anybody while she was free yet she get herself even better than before. Yes, she is nothing perfect, she has flaws too, she was insecure, too insecure because the past were to painful, she need and want support for reassurance that he won't hurt her just like the rest guys did. She was too clingy, but she changed when he broke it for her flaws. She never cheated, it was all jealousy that made she pick a fight. Beside, one of his ex was pain in the ass, she just can't and won't stay far from them whenever they're in public. So he had her thrice but the second and third not involving sex, then shw found out, he wanted to move on but maybe, maybe he still has feeling for her, maybe he doesn't want to get hurt cause of what she accused him for so he tried to find a replacement but with her as a safety net. So now, she finally left.. how does it felt to finally see a good girl that was so easy to love, clingy, to confront you and walk away when you thought you can have her easily, wrapped around your finger with her pleading and begging, crying twice *breakup walk away?


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  • Look it's not easy to break up with anyone. The key's to a successful relationship is trust, and communication. If you can't trust the person your with and you can't communicate well with the person your with then no matter how many times you try the relationship is doomed. The thing for two people who break up is knowing that it doesn't work. Sometimes the differences can't be looked past and the problems are just to great to deal with. No break up is good and no man or woman feels good to break up, but sometimes it's what is needed to move forward in life. That's my opinion Sorry if i couldn't be of more help.

    • Yes.. it is hard. I really regret it that it has to end this way.. there's no infidelity. I dont know why it has to end that way, im still young tho, but experiences taught me so many things in life. But he didn't give me the chance to prove it that I can treat him better, i wish he never say that. Cause im willing to wait until he believe in me for the last time.

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    • Yes.. have to let them go right if we really love them. Thanks tho..

    • The saying is if you love something let it go and if it comes back its yours for ever, but if it doesn't it never was yours to begin with. It's hard letting go, but it get's better.

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  • Its hard to break out from it.. Two words that can sum up my walk aways FREEDOM and RELIEF


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  • Looks like you suffering from a bad breakup, trust me it takes more then one tries to meet the right one these days. You'll meet a lot of wolfs who wants to hurt you, but one day you'll meet the sheep dog, which may looks like a wolf but is not a wolf and will protect you from other wolfs. Or you may hurt him. And you both can tag team and fight the world. But oneday it'll happen. Try to want a relationship instead needing one. Like you need water to live, but you want ice-cream for pleasure. So my friend dump the past and hug the future. May be it's a time to find your purpose of life. Why were you born, it has to be a reason of your existence. So go find it if you care.
    We teach people how to treat us, and some time teach people how to desire us. Be desirable not just good looking. Good looks fade and attraction can last a life time. Make good friends to have a big laugh and just live your life because it's very short. Take Care.

    • Thanks.. im hopeless..

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    • Do out hair and put on the biggest smile but it will never mean she isn't hurting when she climbs into bed alone!

    • Thanks guy..

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