Ex girlfriend trying to get my attention or am I thinking to far?

Hi I split up with my ex 2 months ago I done the wrong thing and chased her for a month and she used to say things like I don't think we will ever get back together then when I said I will stop contacting her she would change mind and say we might which tells me she wanted me in the back burner. She broke up with me! Anyways I stopped begging her and said look I can be friends with you I love you so have a good life she responded saying you do love me then I said the next day you know what I want you know how I feel I'm basically not chasing you anymore I'm going to move on with my life and call me if you want to sort things out, I decided to block her on Facebook as I wanted to heal it was all wrong trying to chase her and begging she didn't text back after that I kept getting confusing statements from her she would say I don't want a relationship but I still care for you? Anyways 2 weeks pass and I get a text saying have you deleted me from fb I said yes as seeing her face was killing me and another bloke looked like he started commenting on it so I said I can't keep hurting myself I love you to bits and adore you but can't be on fb and see another bloke potentially write on your wall she said no one would do that ie sounds like she longed that boy off anyways a coupled of weeks before she wouldn't even meet me now she said in this phone call that she wants to meet up as friends to which I replied I would rather not and it would be like me seeing a museum piece look but can't touch she then said I don't want you as my boyfriend I can only offer you friendship right now I once again said friendship doesn't interest me at all I adore you romantically and said I have nothing more to say I said call me if things change. Now on what's app she keeps posting pics that she knows I have and changes her pic when I log on like she wants to get my attention or make me jealous of something she makes herself look very sexy is she trying to get attention or am I reading to far?


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  • She knows you still love her and wants to take advantage of that. She thinks that if she can keep you interested, then if something 'better' doesn't come along in good enough time, then she'll 'settle' for you. I use quotes, as this is most likely what she is thinking.
    I don't know you though, so I'm sure you are a fantastic guy and a great boyfriend.
    She is just stringing you along and trying to keep you as a back-up plan as well as a way to make herself feel better. You need to remove her from EVERYTHING. What's app, phones, any other social network, everything! That is the only way to send a clear message.
    Send her one final message letting her know that you are removing her from your contacts and you would appreciate it if she respected you enough to not message you any more.
    If she doesn't respect you that much, then that makes it even more clear that she doesn't really care about you as a person, she just cares about what she can get from you.

    Trust me, as a girl I have done this unconsciously a number of times, and consciously done it once. It's a BAD idea! I learned the hard way, but I'm a better person for it. I also hate to see it happen to others, as I've personally seen what it can do to a person.

    I wish you much strength in the coming months, and hope for your power of will to stay strong. : ) Good luck!

    • So basically just don't give her any attention at all is that what you are saying I just leave it and let her miss me? As I do like her I actually did say to her that I'm not a back up plan as well and she didn't take kindly to it lol she also couldn't believe I deleted her off if Facebook

    • That's what I'm saying. She broke up with you, and of course she's going to miss you. But that's a part of life. It's all about choices and consequences. She made the choice to break-up with you, and then she further made the choice to act the way she has been. She needs to deal with the consequences of her actions, and that is you moving on. Obviously you still care about her, she was very important to you. She no longer wants you the same way you want her though. Would you want to get back together if it meant you always giving in to every single thing she ever wants? Because she would know if she just acts sad enough, that she can get her way?

      Making this step is hard and I wish you all the strength! Good luck! : )

    • I can understand that thing is I'm a bit more wiser into standing up for myself in front of her so I don't think she would get her own way with me again. I still feel a bit bad deleting her from Facebook, thing that does me though is why after all of this would she not tell me never to talk to her again or block me on what's app first or even have her brother delete me from Facebook if she never wanted to talk again wouldn't she have said never contact me and block me from online first?

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Girls Get Off (Not Literally) & She Wants You To Chase Her, Your Right By Not Doing That, If You Dont Want A Friendship Relationship With Her Then Move On...

    • I think I will just let it run it's course now then as I do still like her would you say ignore her?

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  • Yes she is looking for attention.

    You did the right thing for yourself. No need to keep her around as a friend. I like that you told her you weren't interested in that and to call you if she changed her mind. Good man.

    What in the hell would you wanna be friends with an ex for? I will never understand the need or capacity for this.


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