Would you leave or cheat on your boyfriend/fiance/husband if he started going bald?

--You don't need to read any of this unless you're REALLY bored.--

I noticed maybe a year ago that the hair at the back of my head on my neck was thinning, and I thought maybe my hair was just cut too short -- now it seems to be thinning more and my hair line is receding a little bit.

I consider myself to be a good looking guy, in large part because of my hair.

I've been with my girlfriend for four and a half years and she said more than once "Please don't ever go bald :(". When I told her I noticed I was thinning, she said it doesn't matter and she'll always love me. I half believe her, half don't. I'm frustrated with myself. What was the point of this story? There wasn't one. I wanted to vent. I don't believe she'd ever leave me, but I do worry she'd find me less attractive.
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  • I dated men who were already going bald upon first meeting.

    People say stupid crap when they meet but then falling in love changes everything and you become unconditional with the person regardless of what was said once. I'm sure that's what's happened here. She said a stupid thing not considering it would really happen one day and she just expressed what she liked when it probably was something she didn't really know meant that much.

    Bald guys everywhere have a woman on their arm, so I'm sure it's nothing. And look, even if it is something and she leaves you for being shallow, women like me would snap you up because we find more important things attractive. ;)


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  • she let her true feelings slip :-(

    dont be surprised if she cheats on you


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  • I wouldn't leave him, no. Tease him about it for a bit, maybe, but not leave.

    Now, if I went bald... that's a whole other story. I'd like to think he'd stick around, but hey... lol

    People want the person they're attracted to to stay just the way they are. If it changes they're afraid they won't find them attractive any more. But after 4.5 years... I'm pretty sure your lovely locks aren't what's keeping her around :p

  • To me hair wouldn't have anything to do with it. I would still be in love with the same man that I had fallen in love with except with less hair. We all lose our beauty at some point in our lives. And the vows are "for better or worse". And there is definitely far worse things that could happen besides going bald

  • I would wish him to shave his head completely then. Balding men look stupid and desperate to keep hair but completely bald guys can be torally hot.

    And I wouldn't cheat him, or dump him for such thing

    • Well said and honest. While I'm not nearly balding enough to warrant a shave, I completely agree. That whole Donald Trump thing just looks ridiculous.

  • No lol. That idea... never crossed my mind.

  • No f***** way. A relationship is more than hair. Would you leave your beloved girlfriend/wife, if she lost some hair? That would be the last reason, for leaving someone. I would never do that, it wouldn't even cross my mind.


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