I sent my ex a letter, Should I even expect a response?

So i recently broke up with my boyfriend of 6 months, he was my first boyfriend. I wrote a letter with my feelings and never meant to send it. Except I ended up sending it to him on Facebook when I was drunk the other night. I can see that he read it but he hasn't replied. should i even expect him to respond.


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  • That rather depends on the letter, on his general personality, and how the relationship ended.
    I would recomend not expecting anything back though, as you say you didn't even intend to send what you did.


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  • haha been there done that.

    From my experience he won't respond.

    Don't worry I know how you feel I've done this before (maybe more than once). They never respond.

    Going forward do your best to keep your feelings to yourself to save yourself from humiliation. I always thought "I don't care what he thinks" but honestly it's better they don't know. Whether they know or not doesn't make a difference, at least make them think yuo're doing better than they hope.

    • Totally agree, I did the same thing. Felt so awkward when "seen" popped up and no reply haha. He ended up asking me back though about a month later and that he was sorry. I turned him down, if he can do it once, he can do it again. No matter if he knows how you felt. I'm agreeing with dailyalice, keep it yourself, if you need to express how you feel, tell anyone but him, even if it's a journal. Rejection again is like 2 pies to the face in front of the whole world.

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  • No you shouldn't expect anything. You also hopefully have learned a small lesson about what to not do. Break ups and booze makes things happen that we know shouldn't when in a clear head. Oh well. Just move on and don't worry about it.

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Dont Get Your Hopes Up But If He Saw It Hasn't Yet Responded It Doesn't Seem Likely...


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