I was her first, but she left. Will my Pisces girl come swimming back to me, and what do I need to do to make that happen?

This past year was the best one of my life due to the amazing girl I fell in love with. She is a Pisces, and I'm a Sagittarius. I never really paid attention to astrology, but after reading about it, it's crazy how true it is. They say that opposites attract though, and boy was there an attraction. I have never witnessed a relationship click that fast. There was so much passion and love during the relationship, and neither of us had ever experienced quite a chemistry. I was her first boyfriend, kiss, love, and the one she trusted to take her virginity. I made sure to do my best of reciprocating her loving and caring self by always going above and beyond for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc. She would always say how in love with me she was, lucky to have me, how she'd never want lose me, and all that great stuff. I couldn't agree more, and that's why it was so devastating when she said that she wanted to be able to have the same experiences I have. She's younger than me, so she has not gotten to date other people and experience certain things like I have. After all, I am her first. As much as I hated it and tried to change her mind first, I had to except it. Not good at expressing my emotions, I gave her a hand-written letter pouring my heart out, and it made her cry. We had a long and tearful goodbye with plenty of hugs and kisses, so the relationship did not end on a bad note. However, that display of emotion makes me wonder if she IS going to come back. As you can see, we had a great relationship, so I'm just wondering what I should do. We broke up in June, and I have been giving her some space. I did the other day apologize though for how I may have acted or come across as harsh to her sometimes without intention, and she really appreciated that. Every now and then I'll just send a short text and that's it. She always responds enthusiastically it seems. What can I do to my beloved Pisces girl come swimming back to me? I can't live without her anymore.


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  • Omg this sounds so much like my baby and me I'm Pisces and he is a Sagittarius. And I am younger than him too he is 24 im 20. One thing I have to ask is although you love her did you give her enough space in the relationship? Like did you smother her too much at times. I'm not talking about doing nice things but like too many texts or calls? Cause there was a time my baby really went a little too much with it and it almost made me pull away for good cause it was just too much. I know he loves me because I am a great girl but any girl would want to run away from smothering NOT loving. A Pisces girl definitely needs her space, and when she wants to roam don't try to stop her, she wants to be free to do what she wants. Also, yeah the things you said that were harsh without intention? Did she stay mad over them for a little while or did she forgive easily? Sometimes things build up in a Pisces head and they just do it when they feel they have enough or want a change.

    Honestly I hope she comes back to you one day. by the way how old is she? She probably feels too young to be in just one relationship. But i feel you are a great guy and she shouldn't leave something wonderful in search of something "better" that might not be "better". I wish you luck. Let me know though i feel very connected to your story. You should also remind her that real love is hard to find if you are this wonderful you claim to be.

    • I honestly feel I think a lot like your ex. Her friends, yes, definitely might have convinced her to go an experience other guys, sexually, which is so not wise, so many guys just play with girls nowadays. Or maybe just date around or whatever.

      She might have felt some type of way about the sexual demanding part because I know when it is overwhelming for me i get quite annoyed at first even if i do end up enjoying it. Sometimes ot is hard to say no to the one you love and want to please but jve learned to.

      Also did you talk about marriage a good amount? More than she did? That probably scared her. Especially being that she is young. I don't know about her but I know I don't love talking about marriage too much because the thought can be overwhelming when you are young. i just want to go with the flow and see what happens whether I end up with the person or not.

    • Since I see her almost every day at work and we were both usually busy, we would only see each other like once or twice a week. Which was good since we both liked space. I'm the same way and don't like to be smothered. Maybe I did though and just didn't realize it because I didn't really know how to handle myself since I had never been so deeply in love before. It's kind of hard to recall things now because the whole experience seemed so surreal. Almost like a dream, and maybe it never happened haha. But maybe I did scare her with talking about the future, but she would always bring it up too. In fact I think she did before I did. My mom probably scared her too since she would joke about things like that when the two of us would be around my parents. She still feels bad about it to this day, but she always tells me "I've never seen two people so in love, so I just knew y'all were gonna be together forever" haha.

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  • I can tell you that astrology is pretty much BS (google something called the Barnum effect for more info). To tell you the truth, I don't know whether or not you'll truly be able to get her back. Heartbreak is something everyone has to deal with in life, we just have to learn how to cope with it. I'm not quite sure how useful those "other experiences" of yours are, but once you find someone, you try to make it work. Being in a long term relationship with someone should remain a learning experience for both individuals for a long time. It looks like it might just be up to her now.

    • Yeah I've heard of P. T. Barnum in my studies of psychology, but I believe the universe is made of the same things, that outer forces have an effect on us, and that therefore some of it is true about our personalities. Either way, I know the ball is in her court, so I just hope she realizes she made a mistake. I hate how everyone thinks they have to be with a million people before "settling down" nowadays. It used to never be that way. When you find someone good that makes you happy, there's no need to leave them. She needs to start listening to her heart instead of what her friends are telling her -__- haha They've always just been jealous of us anyways

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  • well IM a pisces what do you think contributed to the breakup? Maybe I think like her and can give some advice

    • Well I bet her friends were a big part of it. They always were jealous of us, and probably told her she needs to be "free" for her senior year. She may have thought things were getting too serious and gotten scared since I'm the only guy she's ever been with. I remember a few days after the breakup she told me that some of the things I would say were hurtful, but I never intended them to. I now can see how my blatant honesty could come off as cold, especially to someone who's so sensitive. She also said that day that I was too physically demanding sometimes, but I never thought I was. She would always have sex and enjoy it, but I guess deep down she didn't want to and was afraid to say no. It could be a combination of everything, but either way it still was a great relationship. I always did my best to show how much I treasured her, and it just makes me sick that I have to talk about her in the past tense. I want to marry this girl one day, and she used to say the same :/

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