How do you politely reject a birthday gift from an ex you're not over without appearing weak?

Long story short my ex left me for another but I made a regrettable agreement to remain friends after a couple of months after the break up.

Now a mutual friend told me that she's prepared a birthday gift for me a week early and I just can't deal with anymore sentiments.

How can I do this without making it awkward?


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  • You should be vaguely assertive going on about it. Don't appear to be chatty when the time comes just make it swift and painless when you reject her gift. I agree with telling her that her friendship is good enough, it smoothes the situation out without appearing like a bitter child.

    To sum down everything just make sure you don't show resentment. That's what reveals weakness.


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  • If you must, just tell her nicely that you can't accept it because of (insert your reason). I'm not forcing you or anything but then try to accept it nicely and tell her not to do anything like that in the future. I'm not forcing you ok? But then I'm just scared it might hurt her feelings if you don't accept it. :(

    • My truthful reason seems too pathetic. Do you havea better one tgthat doesn't resemble weakness?

    • Just tell her "We've already broken up so can you stop doing things like that." Something on those lines. If she persists, use a white lie. Tell her that you have someone else you like and you dont want that person you like to get confused in any way. :)

  • You should just tell her you don't want to be friends. You're not getting anything out of it.

    • I've already done that twice. Third time will make me look dysfunctional, even more so I should say.

      I'm fine with how distant I've made our friendship, it's just that I believe this future birthday gift will make things more complicated for me.

    • Why would you give a shit how you look if you're not going to be her friend? You gotta start looking at for yourself and not care if her feelings are hurt for a minute.

    • Like I said, the way our friendship is now is just fine with me. The only thing that would make things difficult is this gift I'm about to receive..

  • Take the gift and give it to someone else later

    • I think accepting the gift is half the problem.

  • That's so nice you stayed friends with her. Just say thank you nicely and that's it.

    • So you're telling me to accept the gift?

      What if I don't want to?

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    • What could I explain without looking pathetic though?

    • You can just tell her that you're glad you guys are still great friends but because of the past situation, you wouldn't feel right accepting her gift. Make sure you tell her though you appreciate her efforts by all means but being friends for now is all you can manage... maybe nicer then manage.

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  • Punch them in their mouth really hard

    • Any other way that doesn't resort violence?

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    • Brilliant, not too cheap nor subtle.

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