My ex keeps blocking and unblocking me on whatsapp? Then posts indirects then doesnt? Ahhhh?

Me and my ex went out for a few months, we ended things because I didn't feel it was working. Anyway, since then we were on off talking when we first broke up. Then, he was really horrible to me, and he blocked me on whatsapp, then he unblocked me and posted an indirect about me about how 'wearing that much make up won't make up for your rubbish personality' - I ignored him when he done this. Anyway, he was continually okay with me, he apologised and we left it. Then the day before my birthday he was so rude to me, like absolutely horrible basically told me I was nothing to him and he didn't care (I ONLY ASKED IF HE WANTED TO MEET FOR STARBUCKS!!), so I told him never to speak to me again.
Now he's starting again, he's blocked me and unblocked me every single day. I think he's been trying to get my attention because he's been asking mutual friends how I am (they know about the argument and haven't told him anything) - why is he continually acting like this if he doesn't care so much?


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  • Who cares? He's your ex! Stop stalking him on social media, block him if he stalks you, and move on with your life in the REAL world. For every minute you waste lingering on Facebook, plenty of good people are passing you by.

    • I was simply wondering. But okay..

    • Wondering about things you can not change is a waste of your emotional energy. Trust me, it's best to mov eon.

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  • He is not being nice to you by the sounds of things, you need block him and keep blocked
    he doesn't care but not fair to you what he's doing , block him so he can't contact you at all
    he did rotten stuff to you the day before your birthday to upset you which is not fair give up
    on this guy he's not interested but seems to be game player that's all

  • This is why I don't use Whatsapp, well, that and, I don't own a smartphone. Think they're pointless


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