Ex friends with benefits deleted me off social media but still looks at all my snapchat stories?

It was really messy like we both liked each other but it was a vicious cycle cow we were both afraid of sharing our feelings. Towards the end I found out he was stringing me along and met another girl and he cut contact blaming me that I hurt him when in reality he just didn't wanna look like the douchebag telling me I hurt him too much and he can't even stand to hear my voice. But I suspect his new gf is telling him to cut me out cos I noticed he deleted all his other ex's off social media too. He never talks to me like he says he will for closure either but he still has me on snapchat and religiously looks at my stories. He jus unfollowed me off IG yestersay, I suspect it's because I'm finally happy and posting pictures with this new guy I'm datkng- but he does the same thing.. An I don't delete him off anything. I'm so confused..


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  • I've had 4 friends with bennies. All dropped me in the exact same manner and they all did so at the 3/4 month mark. What I will say is that not one has ever contacted me after we split up and not one ever thought about me again. It is what it is. Sex... no strings. Guys like this always look to next flavour and they never go... oh I really liked the last one maybe I should give her another go. My advice is bin him. Bin all thoughts, memories and everything he said or gave you. It's the past, move on. I can guarantee he already has! As far as his 'stalking goes' it's just something they do. These guys like to spy to see if you are still pining after them. Sending subliminal messages etc. their narcissistic personalities thrive off of it. Delete all your social media for a year. That's what I'm doing. Heal yourself and never ever look back. Remember the good times were all fake and the bad was more what he was really like. Plus why give someone any brain space who has already shown he can live without you. Give him the same curtesy.
    Good luck lass

    • Awww thankyou
      I don't know how you managed to find this post, it's so old.
      but apparently we did both move on, well I triiieeedd to with new people.
      Our s/o's both weren't treating us well and w/o each other knowing we both broke up with them for giving us poor attention and cheating the same day.
      he ended up texting me to meet up and we sorta been seeing each other as friends with benefits but last night at a house party his friends got really drunk and told me how much he likes me and is just acting cold and distant cos he's tired of being hurt.. also since he's getting deployed later this month he doesn't wanna catch feelings too hard I guess. he just dropped me off this morning saying we'll do something soon but I can't stop thinking about everything that has been said. he just told me he meant everything he and his friends said but doesn't want to dwell on it (since I did stuff to hurt him in the past and he's trying to trust me again)

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  • Who cares? He's your ex now. Move on. Rule #1: Never deal with ex's.


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