My ex keeps texting my brother, what should I do?

Before my ex broke up with me, he and my brother got pretty close. My brother is also the only friend he had that was his age, everyone else he knows is pretty old. After we left things the way we did I assumed he would cut all ties (our break up was really bad), but my brother told me that my ex has been texting him and asking him how he's been. The weird thing is, about three weeks ago, my sister signed up for something on her phone and it sent out a text blast to everyone in her phone. She forgot she still had my ex's number in there so he got the text. He texted her back saying "f*** you b****". My brother said that this opened his eyes to who my ex really was (and not the way he broke up with me, but that's another story). Everyone said I shouldn't contact my ex and that my brother should be the one to tell him to stop texting him, but it's clear that after texting my brother for 6 months now, with no reply back, my ex hasn't gotten the point. Should I say something? or just leave it alone?


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  • If he hasn't given up in 6 months, anything you say would just be taken as a sign you are still interested in him.
    Continue to maintain silence; ask your brother to block him!

    • I have asked my brother to stop talking to him, but he said that would be too mean. I have kept radio silence with him though.

    • Keep that up, he'll get tired of no response, eventually. but one answer from you, and he'll keep itup indefinitely.

    • thanks a bunch maybyes

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