My ex wants to meet Friday to exchange belongings and talk, should I?

A little back story - we dated for the past 4 years and lived together for the last 1.5 years of our relationship. She broke up with me Oct. 1st and I've been miserable since, I'm just now starting to accept the breakup and am really trying to move on and be happy and get on with my life without her. The last time we saw each other was on accident as I was leaving a friend's party, and when I asked her if she wanted to talk she shot me down.

At this point I don't want anything to do with her and am sick and tired of preoccupying myself with thoughts of her. I just want her out of my head. I unfollowed her on all social media last night and conveniently she decided to text me today before noon after not talking for a couple of weeks, asking if I was free this Friday to meet up and exchange belongings and talk. I honestly don't even want to see her or deal directly with her anymore, should I turn her down just the same as she did to me and have someone else act as a middle man?


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  • I wouldn't do it. Just drop the stuff off at her house without having to see her

    • I would love to but I'm not even sure how to reply to her.

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  • I think you should meet up… it would be good for you both to get some closer. You both loved each other for a long time and even if you are upset and trying to move on try and do what is best for the both of you.


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  • Exchange stuff but keep all convo short and to a minimum. At least here what she wants to say

    • Hate to say it but her window of opportunity closed. She had a couple of chances to talk after the break up and decided to let me do all the talking and not say much. Why do you think she deserves to talk to me now?

    • Will I guess u have a point. Blow her off then, make her work for it more. U guys should still exchange stuff tho. Maybe get a friend to do it for u like u said. I'm sure u don't want her stuff around for u to see anymore. It was definitely bad for me.

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