My ex gf of 3 years sent me a friend request on fb then she canceled it?

its my birthday today and we have not spoken for months. we were together for 3 years until she broke up with me last yr June for some one else she left me for him. i cut all contact with her couple months back an neither of us made an attempt to talk to each other. what could this mean?


Most Helpful Girl

  • She still likes you. She wanted to get back in contact then realized it wasn't a good idea

    • I don't know its just bothering me im confused. she seem happy but i dont think she feels that way about me

    • She was probably feeling confused too and slipped

Most Helpful Guy

  • You prob took to long to add her after she sent you the request and that made her mad so she told herself whatever then canceled it

    • i was already on fb bc everyone was posting hbd on my fb and the request came through then it canceled

    • Well send her one and see what happens

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  • She wanted the opportunity to break up with you again?

  • you caught her slippin


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