How do I make my ex-FWB miss me?

I had this really complicated thing that I just ended on Wednesday. He'd hurt me many times, he was going through something complicated and brought me along into it. He also has a history of having lied to me (because he didn't want to hurt my feelings, apparently). But he used to have real feelings for me (I rejected him because I wasn't ready, and then when I was things got complicated). We've left each other and come back a few times now. But I made the official "We won't hookup again" statement the other day. We still have each other on Facebook, and he still has me on SnapChat so he can see my stories, but I unadded him so he can't send me things and I can't see his stuff. So, how do I make him miss me? I am not sure I want to rekindle anything, but he never responded when I told him it was done (I know him well enough to know that he wouldn't respond before I sent it to him) so I just want him to be aware of what he lost and reflect on it.


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  • For what purpose? To be a bitch and rub it in? Can't you just move on like an adult? He probably doesn't care (hence not responding), I wouldn't either.

    • So that maybe he can reflect on himself and see that if he had acted decently he could have kept at least one really great girl - instead he lost two (because he used me to cheat on the girlfriend I didn't know he had). Perhaps he will learn a lesson.

  • y wuld he want to miss u?

    • 1) We had a real friendship
      2) I was there for him during a really hard time in his life
      3) I've been told more than once I'm the best sex of his life
      4) He used to have romantic feelings for me (and there are still feelings, they are just complicated because of everything that's happened)
      5) When we stopped talking last time, he came back after two weeks saying he was thinking about me and missed talking to me.

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    • but what incentive does he really have?

    • I don't know. He's a really big romantic, he's just kind of fucked up right now. I think I phrased things poorly. I think I would just want him to reflect on himself to be like "Well, I treated two great girls like crap, maybe I should not do that next time".

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