Ex girlfriend of 4 years leaves me, find boyfriend within weeks and treats me like dirt?

Ex girlfriend of 4 years leaves me, find boyfriend within weeks and treats me like dirt?
My ex and I were together 4 years. We were each others first love and first sexual partner. She broke up with me 2 years ago saying she wasn't happy and then just shortly after got into a relationship with another guy. 2 months later she contacts me and says that she's sorry. We meet, talk and we decide to try again. She leaves this new guy for me.

2 years pass and our relationship hits a rocky spot. Then she leaves me in September and starts dating another guy almost immediately, when she had just told me a month before that she had a gut feeling since the day we met that we would last forever. After 1 month and a half I contact her. We start talking. She says she loves me and wants to try again. She even kept my note that I sent with the flowers when we broke up. She said she kept all my love notes when I asked her.

3 weeks later from nowhere she decides that no, she can't do this and then breaks up with me AGAIN. I ask her how she could do this since she just told me she loved me and wanted to try again just days ago. She doesn't give me an answer. She blocks me on Facebook when I try to talk to her.

2 weeks later I see her with another guy, holding hands. A little over a month later I see that they went on vacation together. I only contacted her once after she blocked me and that was after I saw they had gone on vacation. I told her in a short message how I thought she was false and how she had lied to me about her love.

A month later I decide to block her number for good and I accidentally call her. But I hang up immediately and block her number. The day after her father calls and threatens to call the police if I contact her again. Like I was some sort of monster who hit her daughter when I had taken care of her for 4 years. I still to this day can't understand why and how she could do this. How she could find a new boyfriend so fast and move on. My friends said it was a rebound but it's been over 3 months now and they seem as happy as ever


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  • Uhhhhhmmm, she’s trash. Lol seriously, wtf kind of loyal, decent, trustworthy, valuable female would do that? Oh yeah, a loyal, decent, trustworthy, valuable female WOULDN’T do that. Hate to break it to you, but this girl is disposable and the quality of your happiness and peace of mind will improve greatly once you embrace her absence.

    First of all, it would appear that she’s been being a skank during your relationships and either dating or talking to other guys so that they would be right there when things ended between of you. Is it happenstance that she just so happens to ALWAYS have a guy around right after you guys break up? I think not. That’s shady a** red flag numero uno. She found a boyfriend so quickly and is consistent with finding a guy soon after because she clearly has some ridiculously pathetic intimacy and attention issues. She seems to crave male attention desperately even if it’s only temporary and that is straight up pitiful. She doesn’t know how to act and she’s not a worthy significant other so you’re not missing out. Not only that, but she’s a straight up drama queen. Wtf is she doing for your life, happiness, or peace of mind? Not a damn thing! All she causes is stress, frustration, drama, and disappointment. How can they be ‘happy as ever’ when she’s clearly proven that she’s a low quality, untrustworthy mate? Pretty sure your own vulnerability is causing you to tell yourself some made up story about what that type of female can achieve with her subpar romantic skill set.

    Please do yourself a favor and cut her off for good. Delete and block her from everywhere. Never speak to her again. Literately treat her like she died and she’s rotting in the ground somewhere only to matter to the bugs that are feasting on her. She doesn’t deserve sh*t from you. One day you will feel amazing because you embraced her absence and some other female will be everything she never was.


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  • Cut her off and run. She's got shot to figure out. If it's meant it will be and forgiveness and understanding. I've been there. But for the time being... she's treating you like shit... speaking from recent experience, reciprocate and just cut her off.


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  • She broke up with you... acknowledge, and move on. She's not worth the heartache.


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