People, I broke up with my boyfriend and I regret letting him go?

Well, we were really happy and he later ignored me because of his job and later when he quit his job(for his personal reasons) he was free and wanted to be with me all the time. But, that's when i got busy. I had a busy schedule and i honestly didn't have any room for all the "love" stuff. So, He couldn't understand why i was ignoring him... I tried explaining him and yes, he was okay with it but i somehow sensed that he was not okay with the decisions i've been making about everything,lately. So, coming to the point... We had a heated argument last night and i said stuff to him in anger that i did not really mean, I've never felt so bad in my entire life. there's something inside me is telling that i made a huge mistake by letting him slip through my hands like that. I can't stop crying from last night, every song or anything i do is reminding me of him. What do i do? Should i go back and fix the stuff?
By the way the reason we broke up was that i needed some space and he couldn't give me that space. So, i screwed things up with him...
  • Move on... Just let him move on too!
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  • Just forget him, this keeps happening, you're in the process of after breakup zone.
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I lost feelings for him, so i called it quits too.


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  • Look, if you want less time with him, and he wants more time with you, you two aren't compatible. Or you could make a tough decision and learn to compromise. But it may come down to choosing between him and your job.

  • Get him back. text him, or goto his home, say a sweet sorry nd spend a day or 2 with him, nd then after he got calmed down, tell him what you need and want

    • I can't do that... because he seems to be happy without me in the picture, and i don't wanna ruin his happiness.

    • Jus a picture, he may want to show you that he dont needs you but use mind to think that if he really didn't, he had said you to spend tym with him?

  • No... get back together... cause i think breaking up from a argument is such a immature thing... Are you really willing to throw away your relationship away just because of one argument? That is such a immature thing. to do.. Arguments happen in a relationship...

    Your mind keeps on telling you that you did a mistake cause it's really a mistake to break up over an argument

    • Not exactly an argument cuz i lost feelings for him, so i called it quits too.

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    • Times change people change, my friend... So, i changed my mind... and i no longer love him. It's been 2 months... so obviously, feelings fade away.

    • I am not being too arrogant or something. I didn't feel good enough for him so, i thought of breaking up with him, but when i did, i understood that i did not love him the way he did. so, i thought it'd be right to let him go and find someone better than to get stuck with me. he deserves more, that's my honest opinion.

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