Broke up with my boyfriend and now I regret it!!!

I My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. We had a pretty good relationship other than he had never told me he

Loved me. I told him at around the 7 month mark and got no response. He has talked about a future with me and we had plans to move in together this coming summer. Anyways I guess I started to become insecure about his feelings so I flat out asked him if he loved me and Alls he said was yeah I do. This to me was my green light to tell him again. I waited for about a week and told him I loved him again. Once again he said nothing. I began to get frustrated and around that same time an ex of mine started txting me again telling me things that my boyfriend never did. Things like I'm beautiful and he regretted leaving me blah blah blah. I was an idiot and ate it up and began to question if I was with the right man for me. I thought to myself how is it that another man can say things to me like this yet the man I love doesn't? It broke my heart. So one night I left my phone around my boyfriend and he found the txts. Needless to say he wasn't very happy but we talked about it and we worked it out. However recently we got into an argument and I finally just got sick of not k.owing how he felt about me. I'm a women I need to hear the man I love loves me back! So I broke it off with him. I told him that he just doesn't have time for a relationship and that I deserve a man who loves me back. He said nothing back to me. I know why he didn't tho. It's because I had broken up with him 2 times before. The first time it was because I thought he was cheating. The second time was because my gpa died and he didn't come to the funeral once again he just didn't care enough . Both times previous I told him I regretted it. This time however I was seriously ready to just be done. Not knowing how he felt put a huge rift in our relationship. I did not want to tell him I needed to hear those words because I wanted him to love me on his own time and of his own will. Him not saying he loved me always made me wonder if he was just waiting for someone better to come along and I will admit I got jealous quite often. He would just laugh it off and reassure me that I had no need to be jealous. Anyways after we broke up this time he finally tells me he loves me. I'm so angry right now! Why didn't he tell me that before! Our relationship would have been so much better. I would have been secure in knowing he felt the same and wouldn't have freaked out so much. I told him all this and got no response. When I asked for my things back he said he would let me know when he for back into town so that I could go get them. Me being me I asked if he would just leave them in the garage so I wouldn't have to say goodbye again in person . He hadn't left town yet so that would've been easier. He didn't gimme an answer. Sorry so long . I guess I'm just wondering what to do and how I can start over. Where do I start or should I wait for him to initiate contact.


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  • My heart goes out to you...and I'm sorry about this, but so does my pity. This man sounds like he really loved you, but sometimes, it really is just that hard to tell someone you love. It could have been a lot of thing that made him hold it. Maybe he already thought that you sensed the love, or that someone could have given him some bad notions on using the word love haphazardously... Despite all of these, he's very clearly hurt! You have to see him as soon as possible, and talk about all of it! You have to tell him that you regret breaking up with him, and all of your concerns that lead up to that point. You have to talk out all of your problems to get things straight! It's gonna be a long one, but I think that guy is worth it!

  • ur dump is another a womans treasure


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