Had sex with my best friend after her recent break up. What now?

Like the title says, I had sex with my best friend after about two weeks of when she broke up with her boyfriend of a couple of years. In the past I had feelings for her but overtime when our friendship grew I guess I suppressed it or something. Anyways the feelings I had for her back then came flooding back to me during and after sex.
The few days leading up to this her and I were hanging out with friends and she seemed a lot closer than normal. We were cuddling and always next to eachother. (For context about five of us were staying over at a friends house for a few days.) The first night we stayed, my best friend and I were just cuddling on the couch all night long. The second night we went upstairs to sleep in a spare room with a bed in it. We cuddled for a bit then she started to feel me up and rub my neck, I went in for a kiss and then we had sex.
We talked on the phone the day after about everything and she says she has conflicting emotions and just a lot in her head atm which I get with classes, her ex and now fucking her best friend. I guess I'm just worried that she may regret having sex with me and that'll we'll drift apart. I don't want to lose her in my life whether that's as a friend or even as a romantic partner.
I guess I'm really here to vent but any advice is also welcomed.
Had sex with my best friend after her recent break up. What now?
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