Boyfriend broke up with me, but didn't ask for apartment key back.

My boyfriend broke up with me on September 3 of this year. He broke up with me because we were fighting all the time. Out of anger I said "This was two years of hell" and he started crying and replied with "These two years were the best of my life". He drove me home and said he would miss me. I blocked his phone number and Facebook so I would not have urges to contact him. He had a chance to contact me through email. He would usually email me everyday.

He knows I have a key to his apartment and he never asked for it back. We decided long ago if we break up we would never speak again because we wouldn't be able to handle just being friends. I have not heard anything from him. His apartment was robbed last spring so I wasn't sure why he would want me having his key especially when he said he would never let me in his apartment alone.

After having the key sitting on my desk, my friend and I went to his apartment to put the key in his mailbox. I asked my friend to do it while I waited around the corner. She called me over and said she was curious and tried the key and it opened his front door. He didn't have it deadbolted or anything. I glanced inside and it looked like he has barely been there. Everything in his kitchen from what I could see from the door was where it was when I was last there. I find it weird.

I figure he might have been spending a lot of time at a friends house. He would always tell me he couldn't sleep in his bed without me so he would sleep on the couch when I wasn't there. He would tell me "you know I would never leave you" and he told me this up until the day before we broke up. The day we broke up he said he was thinking about leaving me for awhile. Maybe he didn't want to be there because it reminded him of me?

I'm very confused. He would only really act like he cared about me and like he loved me when he didn't see me for a few days. The last few months when we had sex I noticed he would do things he never did before that I sure as hell didn't like and didn't tell him to do. When I asked him to change it he would always go back to doing it. I heard this means he could have been cheating. He would randomly not have interest in sex for days at a time. He also started hanging out with a close friend (male) who I did not like, but was friendly to and he was trash talk me to his friend and his friend would always tell him to leave me. His friend had a recent breakup and wanted my boyfriend to be single to. After he became friends with him he had no respect for my feelings and would always say he should have dumped me long ago when he would get mad.

He never seemed to respect my feelings once we got close. In the beginning I didn't treat him well but fell for him and treated him well after that and now that I love him he became an ass. Haven't heard from him since the 3rd.

Sorry this is such a long post and thank you for reading and hopefully answering. I am so confused. Can someone guess what he is thinking?
Boyfriend broke up with me, but didn't ask for apartment key back.
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