My ex calls me as unknown caller! is there a way tmobile blocks unknown calls?

so i broke up with him 5 months ago and he keeps calling me unknown. I have blocked his number in iphone so he cannot call me using his number so he *67 and calls me unknown. Is there a way i can call tmobile and block his number so even if he calls me unknown i won't be able to get it? how does it work? does anyone know? can anyone help me out?


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  • Nope easiest way is to change ur num

    • they cannot block his number from calling me unknown?

    • Yes I forgot about the blocking app he is correct

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  • If you have an iPhone, you can probably find a call blocking app in the app store.

    These apps can even block "unknown" phone numbers at well (or at least silence the ringer so you don't hear it ring).

  • if you know his number i guess you could ask your phone company tovblock his number and explain the reason to them...:-)

    • so can they still block his private calls?

    • i believe yes,,,:-)

    • do you work with tmobile? i read on their site that they can only block a number but not an unknown call due to privacy of their customers. its advised to call police or change the number or not pick up lol this is so stupid!

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  • you can download true caller. it is available for ios, android as well as windows phone.
    it can tell me the registered name and location of the unknown caller and updates in its system. i use a windows phone, so i don't know how it works on ios operating system, but find out. i find this app extremely useful


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