Is my ex using me for an ego boost? What's going on through his mind?

Please read this all if you can (:
So me and my ex had no contact for about 1 month. One night at like 4 in the morning he texts me, saying hey. I didn’t respond until the next day. I was really surprised that he texted me, because back when we broke up, he said how he hated me, and never wanted to talk ever again. We initiated contact back and forth, he asked how I was doing, etc. He than began flirting with me a week after that, he even talked sexually. Than he’s telling me he’s not looking for a relationship from anyone, and he only wants to be just friends. He is one of those party boys that takes drugs, etc. To me he is a loser. He’s usually the one to contact me first, just saying hey and we text for a bit. But one day I got a message of him saying he’s in the mood. Why would he say this if were only friends? I haven’t seen him in person for about 2 months. He texts me saying sexual things, and that he wants to see me tonight. I didn’t see him but the next day I check his twitter, and he tweeted that he liked someone and that he’s scared to like someone again. I asked him about it, and he said that he liked this other girl. When just last night he was calling me baby and saying sexual things. What should I do?


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  • Okay, let's review. You wrote that to you, he is a loser (which from your description, I completely agree, he is a loser). He takes drugs, etc. He told you he HATED you, never wanted to talk to you again and broke things off with you. Then after a month, he texts you at 4 a. m. (NOT okay) and tells you he just wants to be friends. So, he acts friendly and gets you to keep responding, drawing you back in, then basically propositions you, telling you he wants sex with you.

    If you have any respect for yourself, you will cut this guy off and move forward with your life. He clearly has no respect for you, and is treating you like an object he can manipulate to meet his own wants and needs, when HE wants and needs something. Go let him treat some other girl like a subhuman and find someone worthy of your ability to love and care for another person, because he is a LOSER. I don't normally get so irritated as I did when reading about this jerk. He has you upset and confused, and is playing with your emotions. That's not right, I really hope you can just move on. Take care!

    • Thanks you so much for this, great advice. He is a loser, and i completely agree with what you wrote. I am leaving him, but when i did leave, he just told me that i was "tripping". He tried to say i was stupid, when he was the one lying. Again, thank you, i hope i find someone better. :)

    • You will find someone better, it couldn't get much worse!! hehe ;) But seriously, as long as you don't allow him to pull you back in and occupy that space/time in your life, you will find someone new. My advice to you would be to totally cut off all ties/communication with him and just move forward. Good luck to you and I'm proud you are being strong, loving yourself and walking away from him, that's not easy to do!

    • It definitely isn't easy, but i know it's the right thing to do. Much love <3

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  • He might've been talking about you but didn't want to admit. I think you should do what you think is right just make sure you think about it with your heart AND mind before you do

    • I left him yesterday, and I told him about his tweet, and he was lying about it and it was so stupid. Thanks for replying!! (:

  • I stopped at. He's party guy taking drugs. WTF YOU WANT FROM THIS GUY?

    • I don't want anything from him, he has just changed, and just started doing all of this since he has been seeing new friends. and I know, he's a loser. I just feel like he is completely using me, thanks so much for replying!

    • He's loser and bc of he's new friends he involved in drugs hmm are you sure 100% he use drugs bc of his friends or he use it bc he want to use it? If you trying to pull him from drugs he may pull you to drugs so be carefull women run by their emotion men run by their mind so maybe in some how your emotion take you to him and he's world which there's drugs which equal 2 losers. If he used you or not just leave it in the past and move on if you try to figure out why n why n why you will just waste your time damn he's using drugs he may hurt you you should know this. I think the best thing you can do just close that chapter from your life and start fresh maybe it will be hard for you for some reason since everyone's different but I'm sure you will face more pro if you keep thinking about that guy and try to pull him or what ever so move on

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