Wud you never let go if your girlfriend was a DDGB?

that stands for Drop Dead Gorgeous Blonde - works out - waxes - does kegels - sex is unbelievable - knows french - hot - clean - but dumped you, damn! stick on to her and lick her feet to keep her or won't give a f*ck?


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  • Drop her like a bad habit & move on. And if/when she comes crawling back saying "I made a mistake! I should not have ended things."...say: "Yeah, you did make a mistake. It's not a big deal...because you'll find someone else. I did. Bye." *Click*

    If you can get one DDGB, you can get another. Just make sure you find out why this one left you, so you can prevent it from happening in the future.


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  • What kind of books does she read? Wait, if she had good taste in books she wouldn't dump me in the first place.

    So I guess I'd let her go, grab a bottle of scotch and feel sorry for myself for a while.

    • Mmm scotch..scotchy scotchy scothy scotch, down it goes, down into my belly..

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    • Oh, this isn't a hypothetical? And she doesn't read books? What good is she?

    • Models and books don't mix

  • Getting dumped is getting dumped. If she offers to negotiate it in exchange for whatever, then obviously her plan wasn't to break up with you to begin with but just to take the relationship hostage so she could get whatever it is she wanted. What makes you think she won't do it again every time she wants something? No, just cut your losses.


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