What do to do when running into someone you dated?

Last week, I ran into someone I dated last summer we talked very casual asked how each other has been etc. He told me I looked "lost" probably because I couldn't really look at him in his eyes because I was hurt and felt awkward. After we talked I saw he was talking to other girls.

My question is, I know im going to run into him again due to we go to the same bar in the summer a lot and the next time I see him I don't know if I should say Hi again or just avoid him? I'm still not over him totally only because I never had closure on to why he stopped contacting me out of the blue.


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  • I always say a friendly hello, ask how they are, give them a compliment and leave it at that.
    I never go out of my way to say hello to them though, and similarly if they come up to me, I'll be friendly, and just keep it brief


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