Forever alone? How old were you when you met your life-long partner?

My boyfriend of 3 years and I just broke up a few days ago and I am 23 years old. I know I'm young, but we had these goals of moving in together getting married having children. It was going to be great, but we couldn't stop fighting. My friends and family have told me that the inability to stop fighting no matter how hard we tried as a pretty clear sign that we weren't a good match, and the fighting would only worsen if we got more serious.
Now, I am just afraid to play this waiting game. I have had my experiences with dating apps and I don't even want to go there again. Ironically, that is how I met my last boyfriend, but, when you use a dating app I don't like that that's the first impression you can jump to is either okay I'm either going to date or mess around with this person. I'd like to meet someone and get to know them possibly as a friend first, realize I like them, then try dating them. But I feel like if I don't put myself on a dating app or somehow make it known to the public that "hey! Im single again!" no one is ever going to look at me as a possible dating candidate.
I feel like I am pretty, and I know I have good things going for me in terms of school and work and other stuff, but in the field I work in I'm mostly surrounded by older people or people slightly older than me that are already married. In school, I only have 1 year left and I've spent the entire time being taken, so I don't expect to date anyone in my class because I'm not going to make an announcement or anything that I am single now. and as for running into someone anywhere else, I just do not know how or when it would happen. I know that life isn't a movie and the chances of me going to a coffee shop and meeting "the one" are like slim to none, so I just want to know in your experiences, how did it happen, when did it happen, or do some of you even feel like you really did let "the one" go because of uncertainty in the relationship?
Forever alone? How old were you when you met your life-long partner?
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