Day 15 of No Contact and have recently been told a different story about our breakup? I miss him everyday. HELP?

My ex broke up with me about 1 month ago. I did the pleading and begging once because even though he was breaking up with me he was telling me he loves me. He told me our relationship was not healthy due to our arguments. This time apart has opened my eyes to the root of the problem and I would love nothing more than to give things another chance. He said he cannot do that right now. That I hurt him and he needs space. It has been 15 days of no contact and each day I wondering if I'll hear from him or if he even misses me. I was told by a third party that part of the reason we broke up was because I lied. I don't know where to go from here because I don't want to break no contact because he needs his space but at the same time... I've never lied to him. I guess I feel the need to prove my innocence? I miss him everyday.


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  • Give him more time and space love feelings are there but the mindset isn't so give him more time to balance things out before you reach out to him if he reaches out to u within the no contact that's a good sign if not it's basically over so for now work on yourself gym is a number one thing to do to release stress and all


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  • If you really love him, you must trust him and let him come to you.

    He is hurt by the innconsistencies and in the relationship and just wishes to feel those feelings of love for you again. You had your chance so give it to him too.

    While he figures his feelings for himself, please give yourself time to heal. Go work on yourself and distract yourself as well.

    If you want to prove something, listen to his request.


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  • Him thinking that you lied was only a part of the reason he broke up with you, right? Continue to give him space.


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  • Many a times we are blamed for something we haven't done.
    When we go to clarify it , they think we are justifying our act.
    I know it is difficult but babe u will have to continue wid NC
    Let it be that he wants to hear u out rather than u wanting to b wanting to clear it


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