Broke up w my ex bf no contact from him at all?

Broke up w my bf last fri.

I broke up w him

Reason: no time n different pov

Before I officially left him he keep insisting that I don't know how much he love me, care for me blah blah but his actions shows otherwise, like he shows that he don't care and I don't matter to him

Before, he keep say he's busy w school etc

But after we broke up, no contact from him at all. Like he said he love me a lot but. And he is always online on whatsapp. I don't get it, why is he always online now. When previously he have no time. Is it to show me that I really don't matter

And just now i was looking at our old conv and I missed him badly so I sent him "I miss you" he just replied "oh"


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  • he may have been busy then for real. And only replied "oh" because you really hurt him and he's not going to give you the satisfaction because he either is really mad at you or still hurt by what you did. Maybe he has even decided to just be done with you... instead of allowing you to come into his life and hurt him again.


    he could have lied. We can't tell you for sure. What i could tell you tho is that if i could find the time to talk the girl i want to or really love im going to. Even if its for a few minutes. Or message her just to say I'm still busy but im thinking about you (or something down that line).

    We really can't tell you though sry.

    • He was supposedly busy for 7days/week over school , he says it's cry hectic etc. each day I only managed to talk to him 30min to 1hr via texts and it lasted for about two weeks. I talked to him previously about it and he changed for a day and a half before reverting back to his old ways. But now he's just online on whatsapp all the time

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  • quite often no contact is the best way to go as far as being able to deal with things. otherwise you tend to just draw out the agony, especially for the one who didn't initiate it.

    also, you'll find you'll get those pangs of missing them, but you are usually missing a person that is gone. you want the good times back, you want the person you loved back, but more than likely they have changed, hence the break up, and you are pining for something that is gone.


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  • You broke up with him, he probably doesn't want to talk to you.

    If he didn't make time for you, why do you miss him? You said his actions made it seem like he didn't care about you.

    Sounds like you're just having singledom remorse after a break up. Sometimes it happens, but usually there are no takebacks in a break up. Just move on and find someone better. It happens.

    For future notice, if you're sure enough to dump someone, don't back pedal, as we usually break up with people for solid reasons.


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