Should I delete all contact with my ex?

OK, this girl dumped me this October, and I will be honest, I have been seriously a freak about it the past 2 months. She really wants to stay friends with me, but every time we talk we just fight. I admit, I have been a real ass about it as well, and I seriously am being really stalkerish is a way, as in I text her way to much just to p*ss her off now.

Do you think I should delete her phone number from my phone, her email, and all photos she has sent me?

I debate this a lot, and I have deleted her phone number, but I just go look it up on my account when I want to call her. I also really do not want to delete the photos, cause they have such amazing memories behind them. Like they seriously bring back great memories. And I will be honest a few of them are of her topless as well, and I really do not want to get rid of those.

Other problem is that she is my first girlfriend I ever had, and not only that, but I met her online, and out of all sites on Girls ask Guys. We started calling each other in May and we talked 6+ hours a day until October, where she met a new guy at college.

Now I know this is stupid to many of you, and I by no means am some weirdo or creeper, I just never really have any luck with girls. I have many friends and am social, I just suck with women.

I know to many of you, I sound like a sad story, a guy that never really had a real date. Well I am sorry, but that is the story. Please do not judge me, I ask for help in this matter.

It sucks so much, cause we talked about her flying over this January so many times, and we talked sexual, and how and what we were going to do to each other, I think that is what makes it hardest, that I felt she was going to be the first one I ever do stuff sexually with, but now I feel I am back to square one in this situation.

So really what should I do. I know most will say lose all contact with her, but hell it is so hard to do, I really do not want to lose all those pics of her and those memories.



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  • Delete it all. You aren't together anymore, looking at the pictures is only going to make it harder for you to move on. It helps not seeing the person in any way. Texting her is p*ssing her off and pushing her even further away, it's not making her want you back. I'm in that same situation with my ex. Except we were supposed to meet and he blew it off, has not texted me back for a week now. It p*sses him off when I text him, but I can't help it. I have a lot to say. He knew I needed to talk to him for the last time to let go and say goodbye, I told him ignoring me only made it worse, and he deliberately is doing it to me. Texting him is making it harder for me and giving him something to laugh about. Trust me this will not be the hardest break up you go through, you weren't actually intimate which will make it easier to move on. Don't dwell on it.


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  • Delete everything. It's going to suck at first but you'll see it's the only way you can move on. You can't be friends with someone that you're bitter towards.

  • Yes, I think you should. I know it's kinda hard to do so, but it's the only way for you to forget her.

    Move on :)

  • i say yes cut her from ur life it helps me get over exes


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  • dude I'm right there with u. I had the same situation about 6months ago. I was the same exact way. Everything your describing is pretty much what happened to me. I didn't give up and I kep fighting for about 2 months until I got her back. If that's not what you looking for then you HAVE to cut contact with her. Its the only way you will ever get over her. I know its tough bro but sometimes its for the best. I spent 2 months of my life feeling sorry for myself. I lost focus on my job, my family and it got really bad. Its no worth it. If she doesn't want to be with you, you have to man up and face it. Its hard I know but you must. good luck man

    • Did you get her back?

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    • Girls always do that bull sh*t. you know try to keep you around. stay away bro

    • Alright, I can't promise anything, but I will try to stay away.

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