She contacted me one week after I started no contact

so I was dating this girl for like 3 months. we always had a great time and she soon started to sleep at my place and even told her parents about me that she'd probably have a new boyfriend soon. well we had an argument as I was a little jealous once, but the next day it was OK again and wasn't a really big fight. well after a while I told her I'd like to be in a relationship with her, but she said she can't currently because of friends (also friends of her ex) and has to get her life in order, has nothing todo with me apparently, but its more important to her. which I understood. but then I made a stupid comment about the jealousy issue about 3 weeks ago and ever since she is different. the next week she seemed distant and when I wanted to meet, she made up excuses. at the end of the week I asked what's up and she just said "i don't want any relationship stuff now". I called her up and she was really angry never seen her like that just shoutuing at me and being mean. saying I wouldn't give her time and pressure her. well whatever I said she said I know everything better. the next 4 days I wrote 3 mails to her explaining my feelings and asking to meet up, but she got even more pissed off and said I should stop that she doesn't want a relationship now and my mails are annoying her. so I decided OK maybe I should give up. I told her I would delete her off Facebook and Skype for now, just to make it easier to forget and not get tempted to write her anymore. well that upset her a lot, she said something like "stop your excuses I know you are sorry, but I need don't get it, but yea just delete me, I think you have psychological don't know how other people feel". as I asked her in the mails if it all ment nothing to her she just said "oh and when you say it all means nothing to me, you are so stupid" instead of just telling me what she feels. anyways I decided to go no contact as she wanted space. well she put me on complete ignore on Facebook after I removed her so I wouldn't be able to write. I called her up and said I didn't do it to piss her off, just to make it easier..but she was just shouting and being angry again. no chance to talk normally and eventually she just hung I went no contact. 2 days later she added me back in Skype and unignored me on Facebook. I didn't write her. exactly one week later, she wrote my in Skype at 11pm being all friendly. I just talked normally to her for around one hour, nothing about the fight or anything, just what's happened in our lifes. well 2 days later she wrote on fb that she's sick, so I called her and asked how she's doing..she was not as angry, but still kinda bad mood and not really friendly. after we hung up she wrote me in Facebook "sorry that I was like that, but everyone tells me today what todo.." ..well the last 2 days we didn't have any contact yet. I just wonder if she still has feelings for me, or if I should just give up?
She contacted me one week after I started no contact
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