Crush contacted me after 2 months of no contact?

I met my crush few months ago, but we kind of remained friends as he had a girlfriend. the start was very rough as he didn't mention his girlfriend, but pursued me!!! when I found out I got really angry, but we agreed to stay in touch. He continued to contact me 1-2 a week and we met up for drinks...

then, one time things kind of got out of hand, cause i felt as a second choice and wanted to stop this confusing situation so I told him to stop contacting me. one week later, he contacted me again, we continued talking normally. After that, he got really flirty again and i told him to stop and only to contact me when he knows what he wants. For a few weeks, there was no contact at all, but he wrote me again after a few weeks (I thought he had made up his mind). He wanted me to meet, so we met twice. Nothin happend as I made it clear that I wasn't going to help him cheat. i do not know why he contacted me then as i told him only to contact me if he meant it seriously. we were supposed to meet again, but he kind of didn't answer this time (he always answered my texts before). i called him out on this, and he really felt sorry and apologized. he told me he was busy (yeah i know). i do believe that fact as he is barely online etc. but one can always find time. well we didn't speak for almost 2 months as I moved away and he wasn't online at all. he went mia before due to work etc.
so, now he has contacted me after almost 2 months and I just dont know what to do... on the one hand, I am glad and want to answer, on the other hand I am angry and feel played and just want to delete it... i just dont know what to do. I like him, but he has a boyfriend and the situation is pretty messed up. i don't want to be just a friend, but everything else is not possible right now. I feel that being friends might bring us closer, but I am afraid that I will get hurt... i am not going to interfere in their relationship, but if he is the one contacting me and wanting to


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  • Why do you want this scumbag? You know he cheats

    • he could have cheated with me... there was a time where my hormones got hold of me and he knew that, but he avoided meeting me...

      yeah, I agree, at some point I almost got him to cheat. so the question is, why do I want him... he could do it to me too

      I do not know why I still want him. I want him, but I don't want him either... the situation is too confusing. As I said before, he could have cheated, but he didn't (with me). Unless he is doing it with someone else (I just don't believe he is such an asshole - but i might be too naive).

      I just don0't know how to react now?
      call him out, or not bother at all (contact after 2 months - I mean wtf?).
      I am more disappointed as I thought he was a ok person (that's what he always claims...)

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    • next time he tries to hit on my, I will tell his girlfriend :D
      he will be surprised. He doesn't even know that I know who she is :D

    • I would too

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